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GarrusVakarian2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Cross gen? Why? That's really odd for a 1st party game to be a cross gen release....

Oh well, i bet it will still be amazing. It's not as if they will be making it for 6 separate platforms, like Ubisoft games for example. I doubt it will lose any quality and won't be as compromised as other cross-gen games this gen due to them only having 2 platforms to focus on.

Bring it on! If they can top the first game, then i'll be ecstatic.

Edit: Reading through the article is making me HYPED. "Hundreds of cars", "Southern Europe setting", "weather system".....NICE!

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GamerXD2309d ago

Maybe they want to (still) support X360. Damn cross-gen games should go away next year.

sobotz2309d ago

I thought NFS Rivals looks great even it's crossgen

Elzer2309d ago

Everyone needs to stop complaining. Xbox One is giving you 2 racing titles in a 1 year's time frame. Launch and this upcoming fall. Driveclub has been hyped since day 1 for what? Only to draw attention away from forza 5. Sony has grabbed ignorant people's balls and tied them to their parallelogram consoles. You PS4 fanboys are so useless. Completely useless.

Rainstorm812308d ago

Two Forzas within a year span?.'...I'd prefer the one Drive Club or one Forza honestly

There's almost as many Forzas as GTs and that series started in 96

I'm not a fan of this trend of milking game franchises dry, and its getting worse

ArbitorChief2309d ago

Didn't see anyone complain about MLB the Show 14 for PS4 ;)

GarrusVakarian2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Don't be so defensive bro, no one is "complaining". It's just a little weird to see, is all. Everyone expected this to be a next-gen only, X1 exclusive.

YoungKingDoran2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Nah you're cool lukas.
I am a little upset by this news too.

Hellsvacancy2309d ago

I complained about Battlefield Hardline being cross gen, no double standards here!

CBaoth2309d ago

The whole complaint of cross-gen is stupid to begin with. Frankly, I laugh at console rubes that think these multiplatform companies should cater to a platform with the lowest install base.

Mad because publishers are holding back giving you the best possible version of a game just so they can sell it to the masses? Pfft. Welcome to the world of PC gaming.

aragon2309d ago

arbitor u are right mlb the show there was no outrage no twitter feuding now all of a sudden this is a big thing and i bet this complaint originated from fanboys, why cant people just be happy they still supporting 360

dale_denton2309d ago

that's a baseball game you idiot. if you want to compare it should be driveclub. is it on ps3? nope.

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kennyg37392309d ago

Who cares if it's cross gen, just be Dam happy Microsoft is announcing great games and it's not even E3 yet.

JoGam2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Im happy. But what I don't understand is why announce it now and not at E3? But then at E3 they'll bring it up again as if we didn't Know. I dont know why Sony and MS do that.

Xsilver2309d ago

Announce it before E3 to still show it at E3 :/ what's the Point

Eonjay2309d ago

Well, here is the thing. All of the apparent leaks for the Xbox are all coming true. It takes the sting out of things like the Halo announcement when you already know it coming. So, this all goes back to that original leak.

sak5002309d ago


So you'll be happy if MS should just ditch their millions of 360 owners of FH or even others who might be interested in picking it up?

Nothing MS does seems to impress you. I bet if they had announced FH2 exclusive to XB1 you'll be commenting how they ditched the 360 owners.

sak5002309d ago

Really Last gen had it's time? There are in excess of 160Million users on last gen consoles only on 360 and PS3 not counting wii. Not everyone can afford or wants to just buy new console yet.

Also you dont seem to mind when sony said ps3 will have 10 year cycle or when ps2 games were still coming even till last few years.

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sak5002309d ago

You're just bitter cuz you get your @ss beaten in TF. I remember few months back kiking your butt and you left the lobby afterwards.

BlackTar1872309d ago

Where was this YEA X360 games mantra the whole last 2 years of the 360 lifecycle?

strifeblade2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

If forza horizon was being developed by the same studio and using the same engine across both platforms I would be disappointed as an x1 owner as if the x1 version is being gimmped...

But the fact is its not, the original devs who did horizon 1 are doing the x1 version and are using the forza 5 engine while 360 version is a different dev using the original horizon engine.

So how is this dissapointing? This game has the potential to oust drive club, since both games are Goin arcade sim and will probably be 30 fps (forza is unconfirmed but original horizon was 30). And confirmed 30. Fora is debuting a dynamic weather system.and it's taking place in south Europe... What's not to like? Lol

Rainstorm812308d ago

Time out they ditched 360 owners long ago and now that FH2 is coming they support the 360 and should be celebrated? guys are so forgiving when it comes to MS, and so vengeful when its Sony

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Kayant2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Yh seeing as they moved Ryse, Crimson dragon from there and the only recent cross gen exclusives to release were Lococycle and Zoo Tycoon iirc. I thought they were done releasing big games on Xbox 360. Still cannot complain with the support but weird decision on a title like this.

I wonder what the difference will be between the two. (Framerate, draw distance, higher res, better textures?)

gamerfan09092309d ago

It's a racing game that's releasing on vastly more powerful hardware. The XB1 version will be leaps and bounds better in every way from the graphics all the way down to the feel of the cars.

Yodagamer2309d ago

They probably started on 360 and decided to bring it over to the xbox one with improvement. They probably didn't waste all the work on the 360 version.

Subaruwrx2309d ago

Perhaps it's cross-gen because MS is disappointed with the Xbox One's sales performance and wants to tap in to the 80 million plus 360 user base. That said, I agree that it shouldn't effect the quality of the Xbox One version.

Dannyh2309d ago

I think they are doing this so Microsoft won't get as much heat for just dropping the 360 the same way it did for original Xbox.

JBSleek2309d ago

I don't understand this cross gen hate now. MS doesn't support last generation and they get shit for it. When they do announce a game for both generations people question it. What!?

Also why should they forgo tens of millions of users who can also play this game. They likely had Xbox One be the lead console and will scale the 360 version of the game.

I also think it's an injustice to not look at gameplay first before people go all cross gen sucks.

torchic2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

not all people are as rich as you and can buy next gen machines day one. so when studios announce games for PS3/360 it benefits the majority of console gamers. most gamers are still on PS3/360

I personally am waiting for a solid release date on Final Fantasy XV before I can commit to next-gen. in my country PS4 costs about $800 so cross-gen titles are much appreciated.

XiSasukeUchiha2309d ago

Forza Horizon 2 is going to be awesome

No_Limit2309d ago

UPDate: Ryan McCaffrey of IGN Twitter" "I've woken up to worries over Forza Horizon 2 also being on 360. FWIW another studio is doing 360; Playground is bldg XB1 ver off FM5 engine"

Nothing to worry folks, Horizon 2 will be amazing on XB1!

jessupj2309d ago

MS really must have a ton of games to announce at E3 if they're announcing this now.

Great news for xbone owners.

JBSleek2309d ago

It wasn't aimed at you at all. Actually there was a tweet that just stated that the 360 version will be done by another studio so no worries.

TheSaint2309d ago

'Cross gen? Why?'

Because money.

AyeUMadBro2309d ago

If Sony can release GT6 on PS3 only and get praise why can't MS get the same love for Forza.
I tell you what I wasn't expecting any exclusives for the 360 anymore to be honest, maybe we can say #InPhilWeTrust.
Still with my disappointment of Forza 5, I'm hoping this and Driveclub and can save my racing craving.

FunkMacNasty2309d ago

This looks awesome! I LOVED the first Forza Horizon game. It really bridged the gap between the Project Gotham Racing games and Test Drive Unlimited. Bummer that it's not solely designed for current gen hardware...

Oh well... Here's to hoping someone in my family/friends group buys the Xbox One that I put on my wedding registry (against my fiancée's will)

CryofSilence2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

People are being way too defensive and venomous in this thread. Chill out. I'm sure this will be a good game, whether it is on your of choice or not. It's immature to be smug as well as condescending. Let's bring the maturity up from middle school level, shall we?

Ryan7412309d ago

Its made by different studios.

Dirkster_Dude2309d ago

Unless people plan to buy an XB1 specifically to play this game then it still makes sense to sell NEW games for the 360. I doubt Microsoft believes this is system seller all by itself.

Clown_Syndr0me2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

IM so hyped for this! Shame its cross platform though, this is a game that would of persuaded a couple of my friends to grab an X1 and maybe now they wont so Ill be lonely lol.

Ignore all the idiots, you make more sense than most people on this website.

FanboyKilla2309d ago

Lol ms and turm 10 can handle it. Shhhhhhh. Check another one for the xone. Lol its getting good now. Xone now 399, you can hate or buy one. Up to you.

Illusive_Man2308d ago

Weren't you bitching earlier about MS seemingly abandoning the X360. Now this is a bad thing? Turn10 is working on FH2, another dev will focus on the port which will probably come some time after the release on X1.

Sevir2308d ago

I don't think it's actually that bad, this isn't the same type of Cross gen experience.

Playground games is using For a 5's Graphics engine and pipelines and turn10's technology for XBO... Sump Digital is Developing FH2 on XB360 and is using the original FH engine as their baseline. So you're essentially getting 2 games running on different pipelines. Cross gen but not mutually related by common engine.

MeLoveRamen2308d ago

yea cross gen does seem very odd to me, especially with it being a first party game. All next gen systems need their first party games to be next gen only so it will give gamers a reason to pick up the new consoles. Nintendo is doing it also with smash bros being on the wii u and 3ds, which gives people less of a reason to buy a wii u.

showtimefolks2308d ago

can't wait this along with sunset overdrive will force me to buy an xbox one. Great job MS, having one team focus on xbox one and another for xbox360. I believe that's the way a cross gen title should be held

PrettyFunny2308d ago

@lukas @septic.... you guys and the rest should prepare yourselves with more questions then. Because the new Little Big Planet is coming out on both the PS3 and PS4. So now question Sony as well. Unless they get a free pass. Remember this post.

PrettyFunny2299d ago

Well, well, well. .. look who called that one exactly.

AnEwGuY2308d ago

1.) MS already announced the X1 version uses next-gen tech.
2.) MS can't win, no matter what they do, in the eyes of some. If they DIDN'T announce this for 360 as well, you'd be seeing tons of "MS has already abandoned the 360" comments.

TheDrunkenJester2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Well its 2 different studios. I believe Sumo Digital is doing the 360 version with the Forza Horizon 1 engine, and Playground Games is doing the Xbox One version using a modified version of Forza 5 and working with Turn 10 to master everything like the Driveatars and such.

2308d ago
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Gazondaily2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Oh what? Why cross-gen? LAME as hell

sak5002309d ago

So rest of the millions who have not jumped to new gen should be ditched like the first xbox owners? Jeez give it break let those others on last gen still have some new games. MS had mentioned that they'll continue to support 360 till 2015. I still have 2 360s and am enjoying the free titles on games for gold and also have plenty which i haven't finished.

On XB1 i only have Forza 5 and TF which i'm happy with. I'll prob get Ryse once it's down to acceptable price for a short game.

Gazondaily2309d ago

"So rest of the millions who have not jumped to new gen should be ditched like the first xbox owners?"

Let me turn that on its head. Should those of us who spent their money on next-gen tech be relegated to diluted experiences?

Poor PC crowd. They have been feeling this for years.

sak5002309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )


You'd think MS is that stupid to give you same experience on xb1 as 360? It's their own exclusive franchise you think they are like activision and give us something CrapOFDuty:Ghost experience on next gen which was few pixels better than last gen?

There are still ps2 owners out there for crying out loud and you guys want MS to stop supporting 360 crowd.

"Should those of us who spent their money on next-gen tech be relegated to diluted experiences?"

So about 5million odd people have bought new shiny xb1 consoles so MS should punish the 80+million users by not supporting them? let's say your parents didn't buy you the new gen consoles and some bitter guy who bought it cried to MS to stop supporting 360 what will you feel?

Wikkid6662309d ago

MS is always damned if they do and damned if they don't. If they didn't bring games to XB360 then they abandoned it... and if they do then why is it on both.

Development cycles are very long, so the game was probably in development for the X360 for awhile. T

hello122309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Most x box fans are still on 360. You have more gamers on 360 than on x box 1.

Its not cheap it costs lot of money to market games and develop them. 360 too, isn't stupid from a business sense.

next gen is only 8 months old give it time. Some developers will only release next gen games and other developers will go cross platform for a year or two more.

X BOX 360 is owned by Microsoft. You don't forget the 360, if its selling still, and people want new games for it. I say by 2015 Microsoft will be pushing most of their first party titles to next gen only, to get people to buy an xb1

Rhythmattic2309d ago


Bubble for well said.

jcnba282309d ago

How is it lame? People complained that Microsoft didn't support the 360 anymore. Now their supporting it and people are still complaining.

falviousuk2309d ago

The numpties on here will attack Ms and the Xbox brand regardless of what they do. If they announced 100 exclusive games at E3 they would still be attacked for it.

aragon2308d ago

most of the people complaining about it being cross gen check their comment history, 90 percent of them are fanboys/ ms bashers not real gamers

OpieWinston2309d ago

I'm just glad they're doing what Respawn did with Titanfall...Making another studio deal with the 360 version. Means no diluting!

maniacmayhem2309d ago

I just read another studio is doing the 360 version.

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GamerXD2309d ago

Project Cars, DriveClub and this! I'll be racing a lot this fall!

mt2309d ago

it will be heaven for SIM racing fans if Gran Turismo in E3. so much games to play.

HugoDrax2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Definitely! I love racing games, and I think I'm going to start saving for a steering wheel accessory now.

Or invest in 2 Killer Instinct fight sticks, old school arcade style :-)

Son_of_Megaman2309d ago

Yea its cool for SIM fans, but I wish I could get at least ONE non sim racing game. but thats just me

gamerfan09092309d ago

Microsoft must have the mother load to show at E3. That's 4 huge IP's shown off in the last 3 weeks.

tuglu_pati2309d ago

Yeah i was thinking the same thing. Phil tweeted a while ago that the show would be hardcore oriented so i guess we'll be seen a lot of new announcements. Just a week to go.