Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar Review (Strategy Informer)

From "Hegemony's seamless tactical map is very much the series' trump card, and it's immediately obvious upon starting a campaign in the latest entry, Hegemony Rome: Rise of Caesar. Every single resource that you own, from the lowliest unit of captured slaves to your grandest city, is represented at ground level and as part of a strategic overview. Zoom out as far as possible and you can see all these points of interest as tokens on a parchment map spread across a desk in Caesar's war room. Which is great for an overall picture of your situation, but Hegemony cleverly mixes this omniscient strategic control with the ability to respond instantly to emerging threats on the front line. Those counters that mark the three legions you sent through that Alpine pass? With a simple mouse click you can drop the camera down right next to them, responding to any threats with direct control".

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