Tangible Incentive to 100% Mario Kart 8 Has All But Disappeared, but Perhaps That's Okay

The joy that comes from mastering courses may yet be enough.

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RoseSapphire3646d ago

When was there ever an incentive to 100% Mario Kart?

elhebbo163646d ago

I like getting all the characters and tracks, but 150cc gold medal on all torunaments is a pain in the a**.

Ilovetheps53646d ago

I've got 3-starred 5 cups in MK8 (150cc). 3 to go. Really enjoying this game though although 150cc is just frustrating at points.

elhebbo163646d ago

@love yea lol its like just when you think you are about to reach the finish line and get your trophy everyone just gangs up on you. 1 blue shell, 2 red, everyone bumping in to you next thing you know your in 6th place.

Ilovetheps53646d ago

I think that the author the article needs to look up the definition of tangible.

DanManDantheMan3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )


"Clear and definite; real"

Sentence example: "Being labeled hypocrites is a price worth paying if it yields tangible results in the real world."

Maybe us N4G commenters aren't as smart as we think.

ptownjbo3646d ago

The fact that 5 people agreed with this shows the average IQ of the users here.

eworthington03646d ago

The title isnt wrong. He just sounds a bit like a pretentious nerd, but thats okay.

3646d ago
justy1123646d ago

I'm not a big fan of the last couple mario karts. the only one i really liked was double dash and the ones before it. but that just me

BattleN3646d ago

DD was my favorite but MK 8 now becomes my favorite!

eworthington03646d ago

Mine too. I liked the motion controls in the wii one though. It was a worthy addition.

Wescyde3646d ago

My favorite incentive was to get all gold on all the speeds to unlock reverse tracks like on the N64.

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Looking Ahead: The Lingering Questions About the Next Mario Kart

VGChartz's Mark Nielsen: "10 years. It’s been almost 10 years since the last mainline release in the Mario Kart series. Mario Kart 8 came out for the Wii U in 2014 and became the best-selling game for the system by a sizeable margin, and later pulled the same magic trick on the Nintendo Switch under the stage name Deluxe. All in all, it's sold nearly 70 million copies over the last decade and is still selling like hot cakes to this day, so it’s no wonder Nintendo has been in no rush to replace it. However, with rumors of a new system being just around the corner, and reports a few years back that a new Mario Kart is indeed under way, it seems the era of 8 might very well be drawing to a close. It’s an exciting prospect to be sure, but after two Nintendo systems with Mario Kart 8 at their heart, a lot of questions remain about how Nintendo will choose to follow it up."

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Yi-Long44d ago

I hope they just keep building on Mario Kart 8; Add a track-creation tool, and probably open it up to more Nintendo IPs with new tracks and characters, so Metroid, Punch Out, Starfox, Animal Crossing, etc etc.

gold_drake44d ago

there wont be a new one until the switch 2 comes out.

nintendo needs their bangers early on


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Nintendo has recently restored Wii U Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon online after five months of being offline.

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The Next Mario Kart Desperately Needs A Good Gimmick

Mario Kart 8 has been out for nine years now if you include the Wii U version. Despite the Switch port continuing to sell insane numbers since it came out in 2017, many people believed that a new installment was way past due. When the Booster Course Pass was announced instead, it was a bit controversial, with one side of people stating that it was time for a new game, and the other side believing that this was the best course of action and that there's nothing else Nintendo can do to innovate the franchise.

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Number1TailzFan342d ago

There's nothing wrong with the games, but after most of them being very samey, I got a bit bored. I liked MKDS because it added a mission mode, yeah it didn't have maybe as many as I'd like but it was decent for variety.

I really prefer the new Mario Party for the different types of games in it.

Mario Kart doesn't really feel fresh because you know what to expect for every new game pretty much. The single player mode of DKR was far more in depth a game vs Mario Kart IMO, MK is probably better for multiplayer though.

-Foxtrot342d ago

It needs a campaign mode like Crash Team Racing with open hubs, driving around the Mushroom Kingdom, selecting your races and the like. Have a system like the CTR tokens within the races that then unlock secret racing cups later on or the time relics to unlock other things.

There's nothing wrong with the games but when you've had the same set up for so many games it just gets a bit samey after a while.

They could even have something like a track creator like Modnation Racers or something.

Neonridr341d ago

I always enjoyed the single player aspect of Diddy Kong Racing myself.

Knushwood Butt342d ago

After starting with the first game on SNES, I think the last one I bought was on the DS.