Tangible Incentive to 100% Mario Kart 8 Has All But Disappeared, but Perhaps That's Okay

The joy that comes from mastering courses may yet be enough.

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BranWheatKillah2674d ago

When was there ever an incentive to 100% Mario Kart?

elhebbo162674d ago

I like getting all the characters and tracks, but 150cc gold medal on all torunaments is a pain in the a**.

Ilovetheps52674d ago

I've got 3-starred 5 cups in MK8 (150cc). 3 to go. Really enjoying this game though although 150cc is just frustrating at points.

elhebbo162674d ago

@love yea lol its like just when you think you are about to reach the finish line and get your trophy everyone just gangs up on you. 1 blue shell, 2 red, everyone bumping in to you next thing you know your in 6th place.

Ilovetheps52674d ago

I think that the author the article needs to look up the definition of tangible.

DanManDantheMan2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )


"Clear and definite; real"

Sentence example: "Being labeled hypocrites is a price worth paying if it yields tangible results in the real world."

Maybe us N4G commenters aren't as smart as we think.

ptownjbo2674d ago

The fact that 5 people agreed with this shows the average IQ of the users here.

eworthington02674d ago

The title isnt wrong. He just sounds a bit like a pretentious nerd, but thats okay.

2674d ago
justy1122674d ago

I'm not a big fan of the last couple mario karts. the only one i really liked was double dash and the ones before it. but that just me

BattleN2674d ago

DD was my favorite but MK 8 now becomes my favorite!

eworthington02674d ago

Mine too. I liked the motion controls in the wii one though. It was a worthy addition.

Wescyde2674d ago

My favorite incentive was to get all gold on all the speeds to unlock reverse tracks like on the N64.

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The story is too old to be commented.