Do higher frame-rates always mean better gameplay?

Digital Foundry explores the pros and cons of unlocked fps vs 30fps gaming.

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ZodTheRipper2798d ago

All in all it depends on the game itself. Some games actually feel weird with 60fps, some games are horrible at 30fps. Developers should know exactly what they're trying to achieve and make the best decisions for their own game instead of following the shouts of "1080p/60fps !!!" and then using these numbers as a marketing tool. I think it's great when developers are listening to their community but when it comes to the actual technology behind the curtains, they should know it much better than us.

user56695102798d ago

and what would be these games that weird at 60fps, game that was design around being 30fps. there is no game that doesnt benefit from having a higher frame rate. imagine uncharted if it was 60fps the animation will be more fluid. smoother gfx, gameplay mechanics, animation, etc. keep on believe that pace of the game does have anything to do with the frame rate. if the want your character to move as slow as a tank they can do so at 60fps also.

i do agree all these 1080p/60fps headlines are marketing tools to increase hype and generate hits. the bad thing is fanboys fall for it everytime. you point it out, they ignore it and continue arguing over it. i would like for every game to push each platform to the limit, but i really dont care in the end as long as the games are good and fun.

most of the time they( and devs even stated, but people try to ignore) lower the resolution and frame rate for gfx effects.

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garrettbobbyferguson2797d ago

No game feels weird with 60 Fps. Stop.

ZodTheRipper2797d ago

Cinematic games do sometimes, for example Sleeping Dogs plays a bit strange with 60fps ...but the responsiveness is still much better than 30fps of course. It's called soap opera effect and makes the picture look hyperrealistic/ultra smooth
The thing is, with sports, racing or fighting games this effect is perfect and complimentary. But with cinematic games it can feel off.

Matt6662797d ago

No because if the game is rubbish and boring to you in the first place so you won't enjoy the game.

tee_bag2422797d ago

Here. For those who just don't under stand why 60fps should be a minimum.

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DJustinUNCHAIND2798d ago

Higher frame-rates mean better performance more than better gameplay.

Gameplay quality is determined by how creative and talented the dev teams are and how well the mechanics of the game work as a whole.

Level of importance for me would be (gameplay=frame rate)>resolution.

Irishguy952798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Not true. ALL games play better at 60fps. Everything about the gameplay is better at 60FPS than at 30. A game with great gameplay mechanics is funner and better to play at 60FPS than 30FPS and always will be.

For some games the difference can be minor, for most games 60FPS is always a decent enhancement and sometimes straight up necessary.

This isn't knocking 30FPS btw, i'm saying 60FPS is simply better because it is. Theres no argument to be made against it for gameplay purposes. 30FPS can be fine but 60 is always better

n4rc2798d ago


Some games shouldn't waste the resources on hitting 60fps...because it isn't needed and could look prettier

But in an ideal world.. If you could keep your graphical fidelity and choose between 30 or 60fps, you'd take 60 every time

sinspirit2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Definitely agreed.

I don't know why some people on this article are making up examples and comparing a 30fps game to a different 60fps game. If it's any game at all I'd rather have a 60fps version than a 30fps version. Nothing to do with what graphics you might miss out on in order to raise the frame rate. I would just easily prefer higher framerate if possible. My laptop runs League of Legends at 60fps but when the game gets going and people have all of their abilities unlocked and start grouping all the characters on screen with all the graphical effects makes me go down around 30 and sometimes dips below. It's rather annoying. In a game that is single-player framerate isn't as important but in a multiplayer game, it doesn't necessarily need to be 60fps, but it just needs to be stable, and if a console game is at 30fps, like Uncharted and The Last of Us, it better be because it can run stable at 30fps and not because that's the max it can do. Ryse is at 30fps but it has some terrible dips.

TheGrimReaper00112798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

"for most games 60FPS is always a decent enhancement and sometimes straight up necessary."

I agree
I remember when LOL was patched (not sure which patch anymore) and afterwards, my game only ran at 30 FPS. It was ... unplayable and I have played plenty games at 30 fps. LOL is one of the first games i think of that needs 60 FPS

also, DJustinUNCHAIND shows that he clearly doesn't know what effects gameplay and what doesn't

sinspirit2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )


LoL is so poorly optimized. Custom clients made it run at least twice as fast but Riot shut them down.

The client is so bloated in coding and doesn't need to run so heavy in the background when you're in game.

Matt6662797d ago

Need fr speed rivals runs at 30 FPS and that plays amazing.

Matt6662797d ago

Need for speed rivals runs at 30 FPS and that plays amazing.

tee_bag2422797d ago


No way man!! Need for speed rivals ran like a$$. I played it for about 1 minute before I took to online to try an patch the 30fps limit.

JunoDivided2797d ago

Except extremely story driven games. You want those to play out like movies and the only movies using 60 fps right now are the hobbit and people have said it looks weird using 60 and takes some people out of the emersion. But anything that needs quick reaction time to anything will require 60fps

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1OddWorld2798d ago

I love digital foundry. No biased to be found, clear concise info that anyone can understand. Keep up the good work DF

Agent20092798d ago

I'm absolutely okay with 30 FPS in any kind of game.

Deividas2797d ago

Then you clearly dont play many 60fps games. Its like saying your okay with watching a movie in a dvd quality over Blu-ray....nothing wrong with DVD quality...but blu-ray is just better.

tee_bag2422797d ago

Then you need to open pandora's box and experience

KonsoruMasuta2798d ago

I'm okay if a games is 30fps. As long as it is locked at 30 with no dips.

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