Microtransactions in Console Games: Does a Dark Future Await?

With the just-announced price drop of the Xbox One, the removal of the Kinect, and the recent hiring of the games-focused Phil Spencer as new head of the Xbox division, Microsoft is backing off extremely hard from their initial branding as an always-on living room service and joining the Playstation 4’s price as more of a classic console. This might be good news for the future of consoles, but it’s also indicative of how perilous the console market is right now.

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madpuppy1627d ago

microtransactions would be fine...if all games with microtransactions were free. I'm not forking over 60.00 for a game I cannot complete without being nickel and dimed, and if microtransactions effect gameplay at all they should be banned.

ZodTheRipper1626d ago

What's with complicated examples like Driveclub where it's basically half-free? I think that it depends on the game itself and on the content you can buy ...let me start with saying that I never bought any ingame stuff and I'll probably never do - but if the game itself is build without microtransactions in mind and you can progress through it without them, then I can live with microtransactions added in for people who would like to speed things up. It's just extremely important that games are not being designed around microtransactions AT ALL. I think that Microtransactions can be a good thing (as a CHOICE) for developers and consumers alike just as long as nobody feels shortchanged.

ziggurcat1626d ago

well luckily for you there hasn't been a single instance where micro transactions have affected anything in any of the games they've been implemented, nor have they prevented anyone from acquiring the same items through natural progression that have been made available via micro transaction.

Jrmy841626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Was going to say the same thing. We pay enough for games already $60 plus if you buy collector editions.

slivery1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Good luck with that, it's one rare situation that people actually give enough of a shit to work together on such a large scale to make a change for a slightly better world.

I could say the same about fossil fuels, something we shouldn't even be using anymore or things like paying for electricity that can be made for free but people pay out the ass for it regardless of knowing that. It is easier for people to just take it rather than deal with the struggle of fighting against it.

Just like people will continue to pay for microtransactions regardless of how it affects the industry.

People have been screwing up the world like this for centuries, it will never change as history runs in a continual loop, many don't have the intelligence or ambitions to want more out of life. A better future for others or even their children. They could not care as long as they drag by in their own little bubble, they are okay with it.

It will only get worse as time goes by, just about everyone these days is ripping us off but barely anyone cares and that is why these companies and practices will continue till the day every human is dead. The world is definitely a lost cause, there is no turning back now, we passed the point of no return ages ago.

Omnisonne1626d ago

Well explained, I sometimes really wonder what the future will hold (10-20y from now) should things keep going like this.

I dont really worry about gaming though, sure the big companies might try screw us over (and some will bend over).
But for the ones that refuse to, theres more than enough upcoming devs and devs with common sense (CD Projekt) that will continu to breathe life into gaming.

More than anything I see the community dividing in 2 sides: dumbasses and real gamers. Real gamers who have been there long before and will always be there to create and enjoy. And most importantly care about their fellow gamers, as opposed to random ex-lawyers and managers that just jumped into the industry to make $$$.

Apologies for the long post

randomass1711626d ago

Kingthrash360 speaks words of truth.

clonerz1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Its coming but its up to us as consumers as to how much we are willing to be hosed

Mega241627d ago

its coming... it has been here for the last 8 years, microtrans have been a part of consoles since Guitar Hero 2 or 3 I think.

1627d ago
clonerz1627d ago

I was talking about dark future of microtransactions not microtransaction itself I myself have spent alot of money on dlc

s45gr321626d ago

Nope started last generation with Dead Space 3 were the gamer needed real money to modify and improve his/her weapons. What Guitar Hero offered was DLC. In contrast Dead Space 3 had both DLC and micro transactions and the game still cost $60.00 plus tax. The point is to not allow micro transactions for $60.00 games. Free to play solution can be found in extra creditz youtube channel.

pompombrum1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Microtransactions can be a good thing, it's just a real shame that companies feel the need to ruin it and be greedy. If developers/publishers want to extend a game's life by adding in new content down the line, I don't see how that is a bad thing for fans of the game.

It's things like digital currency that bother me though. Letting people take shortcuts which can have a drastic effect to online modes by letting them buy the best stuff with real cash. Worse still, you then get games like GTA Online which (on the first few weeks at least) was clearly designed around trying to encourage people to buy ingame currency for real money by charging ridiculous amounts for dying and guns + ammo.

When games get designed around microtranactions is where the real problem lays. I don't see anything wrong with map packs and even funky weapon skins (providing they're not included on the disc then "unlocked" by buying them separately.

SegaGamer1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

I despise these things.

It's bad enough when they rip pieces out of games and then release them as DLC and call them "extra content" what a load of BS. It's very very rare that it is indeed extra content. Now we see this crap coming into gaming more and more. It will get to the point where i am playing an RPG and if i want to upgrade my armor or weapons i will need to pay REAL money for it.

DLC like i was talking about above and Microtransactions don't do the gaming world any good, it takes the fun out of it and ruins it.

s45gr321626d ago

Best statement ever, now I see why game developers got rid off map editors and free unlock ables to nickel and dime the consumer. What is the point of 50gb discs when map editors or free unlockables are available.

ajaxmoroni1627d ago

Join the boycott by igniting the petition.

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