Exclusive New Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer (US Only)

As part of a promotional partnership between MTV and Konami for the MTV Movie Awards, they are able to present to you an exclusive new trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. With less than two weeks to go before Snake's final mission hits the streets on June 12, this may be the last sneak peek you're going to get.


This is youtube link. It should work for N4G visitors who want to view video but live outside of US.

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Breakfast4856d ago

Canadians getting discriminated against again...

UK and Canada cant view the video.

sonarus4856d ago (Edited 4856d ago )

Haha i can...

Well you aren't really missing much its just a re-cut version of the 2 min movie type trailer. They re-cut it to 47secs.

Breakfast4856d ago

lol...i thought you where linking me to the MGS4 video...little did i know, i was on strike.

BIoodmask4856d ago

Maybe you can see this one. But the quality is really bad. I live in US, so I don't know if you will be able to see this one either, but video is similar.

Breakfast4856d ago

...looked epic. he gave a higher quality download link, in his summary.

Razmossis4856d ago

... and put it on YouTube!

Arvynia4856d ago

Australians can view them too...

AuToFiRE4855d ago

here my brother, this is a much better vid since every trailer is old

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Jamie Foxx4856d ago (Edited 4856d ago )

well done konami,sony never advertise their 1st party inhouse games like this thats their mistake


Breakfast4856d ago (Edited 4856d ago )

Its 3rd party.

Edit: Oops i read it wrong.

sonarus4856d ago (Edited 4856d ago )

Actually, sony paid for the ads. Just be glad no naked male models with a thumb for a penis were involved

@killer, nothing on TV yet. To my knowledge this will be the first time the trailer is appearing on tv

Jamie Foxx4856d ago

dude huh?

course its 3rd party its konami whats your point?

theKiller4856d ago

i need u help with this one because i dont have TV, only through the net i can see the world.

so is there a lot of advertisement for mgs4?? and on which channels?
how big is MGS4 advertisement?

AlterEgo4856d ago

so far, I haven't seen ANY mgs4 commercials or promotion...

Only in the PS3 ads where they show a bunch of upcoming games, they showed MGS4 once, but that was before there was even a release date...

it just said "coming soon"

Hopefully these ads make it into movie theaters and during commericals on TV.

theKiller4856d ago

thanks, but i need more people to respond to this, because i wanna know and also other will know how is the MGS4 campaign

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TruthBTold4856d ago

June 12 cant come fast enough.

tweaker4856d ago (Edited 4856d ago )

Wow. It would be sweet if they broadcasted this trailer during the MTV Movie Awards.

Mr_Kuwabara4856d ago

That's probably there initial goal.

Guwapo774856d ago

Hey man that was a good guess! MGS4 actually will show at the end!! Let's hope they replay it multiple times per day till release and beyond.

Kain814856d ago

....on 12.june.......The system is Mine....

rogimusprime4856d ago

I'll only be playing it for nine days....