Toukiden Has Shipped 550,000 Copies

Toukiden has shipped 550,000 copies worldwide as of March 31st, 2014.

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Qrphe1602d ago

That's really good, wasn't expecting it tbh

knifefight1601d ago

Good. Hopefully 2015 or 2016 brings the world another round of Toukiden. Vita could use more exclusive franchises.

knifefight1601d ago

If that's a completely new game, yeah, that'd be sweet.

Knushwood Butt1601d ago

Great result for a new IP.

Hope Freedom Wars follows suit.

Knushwood Butt1601d ago

Also, isn't it a bit harsh on Godchild for presumably picking fun at a typo??

Rockefellow1601d ago

That's what I was thinking. He loses a bubble for making a joke at the expense of someone who can't proofread? That's nice. But hey, it's not like writing is their job or anything.

Godchild10201601d ago

Thanks, but it was a bit childish on my part. I could have just added a report and it would have been fixed.

You take little things like that as a learning experience for the real world.

OT: I happy for Toukidon. I bought the first one, but I'm going to hold off from playing it until I hear if the remake is coming to the west.

Spotie1601d ago

Still a bit much. But then, I've learned that if there's a chance things can be moderated- regardless of intent, or level of infraction- it most certainly can be, and there's no arguing your case, really.

That aside, I'm glad to hear Toukiden has sold so well. Haven't gotten around to it yet, myself, but I will soon enough.

You know, I can't hello but think the Vita would do so much better if Sony cut off the PSP. Not exactly fond of the idea of them doing so, but it would help, I'm sure.

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