A Trailer of the Next Mass Effect is Ready, Might be at E3; Won’t be Xbox One Exclusive – Rumor

BioWare managed to keep the next Mass Effect pretty much under wraps, even if industry insider Shinobi602 did give us a few hints about it, including the working title “contact,” that apparently isn’t final.

Today he mentioned on Twitter that the game might actually make an appearance at E3, because a trailer has been ready for a little while already.

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NYC_Gamer3173d ago

It wouldn't make logical sense for EA to limit a franchise with fans across multi platforms to one machine

Abriael3173d ago

Especially after they pulled out of exclusives first.

Anthotis3173d ago

It would be a bad business move to limit a game to an under performing and less popular platform.

mikeslemonade3173d ago

Mass Effect 1 was the 6th best last gen game, but not at all hyped for a new Mass Effect. Give me a new IP please.

AngelicIceDiamond3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )


Besides all the other ME's are multiplat why would this be?

My_Outer_Heaven3173d ago

Good point however Mass Effect was originally only on Xbox. Mass Effect 3 came out on PS3 before Mass Effect 1

christocolus3173d ago


Angelic is right. All entries in the series are now multiplat so I don't see part 4 being exclusive.

However,the first masseffect was late to ps3 cos ea had to reach an agreement with ms(since they owned the rights to the first one)before they could bring it to ps.if you actually look back you would see both companies actually have a very good business relationship. Ms actually killed off their sports line up(xsn sports) immediately ea came onboard.

mattgdrums3173d ago

ye cause they are money hungry bastards

Magicite3172d ago

EA must be dumbest company ever to make another exclusive deal with MS.

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GiantEnemyCrab3173d ago

The game has never been the same since the first one. They lost me after that even though I played 2 and 3 they just didn't have the magic the first game did. I wonder what the development difference between the first and the sequels was? Hrm.

My_Outer_Heaven3173d ago

I enjoyed the second and third one but I missed the planetary exploration and combat driving with the Mako.

rivencleft3173d ago

Planetary Exploration was my favorite thing about Mass Effect, loved it in the first game and I do hope they bring it back, loved ME 2 and 3 but I loved being able to drive around a planet then go loot an outpost instead of just mining them for minerals maybe bring it back so where you can still mine for minerals but you have to explore the planet to find those minerals for your ship hovering in orbit to mine, or mine yourself while you're down there and send it back up to your ship.

OrangePowerz3173d ago

I prefer ME 2 over 1. The gameplay in first ME is frankly horrendous with horrible gunplay. The second one had the best mix of action and RPG for me and everything was more polished technically with better gameplay.

-Foxtrot3173d ago

I don't know I kind of liked the gunplay in Mass didn't feel as generic

Thermal clips just made it seem like another shooter.

Cool down weapons were awesome, added strategy to battles, made you reply on your skills/biotics and even your team mates aswell. By the third game you could just go solo, guns blazing into battle.

Ghost_Nappa3173d ago

Don't forget that it couldn't hold a stable 30fps to save its life.

maniacmayhem3173d ago

I agree with Orange.

I had the first Mass Effect and held on to it for the longest without playing it. Then part 2 came out so I decided to give the game a go. I went through part 1 first and thought it was a great game but when I immediately put on part 2 it was like night and day as everything from combat, controls, menus was improved 10+.

Part 3, in my opinion was a step down as every decision from part 2 didn't really matter. Especially the arachnid part.

I am really hoping part 4 is awesome and I hope Shepard is apart of it in some way.

OrangePowerz3173d ago


When was the last time you played ME1? I wanted to replay it after 2 and 3 and it was painful. The issue isn't with the ammo or overheating weapons, but rather with the aiming and shooting. In general it is also rather slowly paced. That doesn't mean that ME2 is better in every way, there are things that ME1 is doing better, but overall I feel that tge second game is much better compared to the first it's like AC1 and AC2.

thricetold3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

ME2/3 are action movie tps cover shooters while ME was a shooting rpg, similar to that of fallout. People would lose their minds if fallout changed into a generic fps just set in the same universe.

Cool for the dude bro's but sucked for rpg fans.

Currently playing ME as we speak, got rid of my 360 a while ago and was jonesing for a good sci-fi rpg and decided to lift my boycott of EA, temporily of course as there is simply no way to get the game on ps3 but digitally.

Agreed the shooting could be tons better, but it improves as you level up if I remember correctly. In any regards its not THAT bad, just takes adjusting to like any other shooter.

LAWSON723172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

I 100% agree with Foxtrot here ME1 FTW. I will never forget my specter assault rifle that I customized with cryo to where it could not overheat.

I really enjoy ME1, I have been wanting to play it for the 8th time but don't it or my 360. The gameplay IMO feels unique and it is a game I will never forget and go back to from time to time. The trilogy went a total different direction and sadly their will never be a game that delivers the same experience as it

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Zenith4k3173d ago

What are you talking about that game just got better and better 3 was absolute brilliance I was glued to it absolutely loved it. ( not having a go just a friendly response)

LAWSON723172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

I really enjoyed 3, it was not my favorite like ME1, but it improved upon customization and content, that and some of the missions were awesome with some insane action packed moments that delivered quite the cinematic experience and that MP was just epic and it is the main thing I am hyped for in the next ME.

The problem I have with it is the character development is not near as good as ME2 and even ME1 and I just have a huge problem with the ending. ME2 has soul when it comes to the Normandy and crew, while the first opened up in such an awesome sci-fi way with this discovery of an incredible universe. ME3 was to be the ending and IMO other than the wonderful destructive missions it was severely lacking in that regard

Eonjay3173d ago

Does anyone expect the trilogy to be remastered?

Lucreto3173d ago

I do

I expect this E3 will be full of remasters

LAWSON723172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

I am waiting to see hopefully if it is E3 will be the reveal. If not I will have to get the PS3 version because I am dying to play ME1. I would love a Xbone version so I can play the MP again with friends

Zenith4k3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Hopefully it was one of the best games iv played and now I own a ps4 I hope it comes my way

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