Konami gives the ok for original Metal Gear remake

A mod team called Outer Heaven have been given the go ahead from Konami themselves to remake the original MSX Metal Gear in 3D. Game will be developed using the Source engine.

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Geobros2677d ago

wow!!! I would play a remake of that great game. But be multiplatform to have all of us the opportunity to play it.

LAWSON722677d ago

This is a mod team, this will be PC only.

Baka-akaB2677d ago

Who knows , they could pull a Valve and decide to acquire and publish the game afterward

Muffins12232677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

If it gains any significant popularity sony will be right on its ass on getting it ported to ps4 and I think you know that. Only way it wont be on consoles is if valve buys it,cause honestly that's the only company in the gaming industry that I see making it a pc exclusive. And even if it was pc exclusive im sure anyone with a pc could run this game. Will probably not require a gaming pc to run it.

LAWSON722677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

Yeah I dare Sony to give a mod team money to port a game they do not own the rights to. It will not, this is not as simple as say being an indie developer. This is a fan project that is not meant to earn money.

darthv722677d ago

When konami was making their "rebirth" games for the wiiware...this was one that was highly requested. the mashup of MG 1 & 2 with updated visuals was something many a wii owner (and konami fan) was really hoping would happen.

this isnt the same as a rebirth edition but still a worthwhile game to look forward to. the original is such a classic that i am sure many have never played if they got their first taste of snake in the MGS game for PS1. they will be in for a real treat.

BeatTheBullies2677d ago

Not official. PC only. Get a PC to get the maximum amount of games and best graphics.

LightDiego2677d ago

Like Metal Gear Solid 5?
PC players only are a big joke.

Clover9042677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

Sure, you get a lot of games, but you also miss out on so many quality title. Mario, halo, god of war, Alan wake, Zelda, uncharted, gta5, red dead redemption, infamous second son, super smash brothers, Metal gear solid. Consoles are where it's at.

LAWSON722677d ago


where does the comment say, "game on PC only for the biggest library and best graphics"?

sinspirit2677d ago

The maximum amount of games is if you game on every platform. Not just PC. I currently only have a PC and a 3DS, and my brother has a Wii U that we occasionally play. I want a PS4 so bad though.

stragomccloud2677d ago

While you make a fair point, GTA V is rumored to come out on PC this year, and Alan Wake is on PC as well.

I'm betting MGSV will too, since PC did get Metal Gear Rising: Revengance.

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Docknoss2677d ago

The original on regular Nintendo was amazing can't wait

Matt6662677d ago

As long as they don't ruin it in any way then I will play it.

liquidhalos2676d ago

I wonder how much the demo will cost :P

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Godmars2902677d ago

Sweet. Konami may be bat-guano bonkers in some respects, but unlike some other company - *cough*SquareEnix*cough* - if they get wind of an idea they themselves could exploit for extra cash - but wont - they don't put out a C&D to let it die.

Eamon2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

I remember how disappointed everyone was after the C&D notice was given to the guys making Chrono Resurrection.

But Nintendo are even more notorious. A couple of guys had an ambitious plan to make a Metroid short film and put it up on Kickstarter to crowdfund only to get blasted by the N-guys.

There is a catch in all this though. Konami told them not to accept donations. Though to be fair, at least Konami gave them the okay. Doubt Nintendo or Square would ever go that far.

BeatTheBullies2677d ago

To be fair asking for funding for something goes to far. If you want to do a fan thing fine but use your own money. Nintendo was just protecting their IP.

Eamon2677d ago

You have to remember that the people who would donate are the fans of the franchise. And in Kickstater campaigns, there are usually a lot of content to prove that their project is genuine and not a deceptive scheme into tricking people to donate.

What publishers are worried (with websites like Kickstarter) is that the team could potentially get much more money than needed for the production. Where does that money go? Perhaps into the pockets of the team. Maybe not. Either way, the money is managed by them - and in the eyes of the publisher, they see it as making a profit of their IP.

Though I'm not sure how Kickstarter works in these regards and how money is managed and the autonomy of the team that began the crowdfund.

Deadpoolio2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

WTF would Square want to remake Final Fantasy 7...So people could cry about every little think that may have to be changed just ever so slightly, or because they used a wrong piece of music somewhere...If I were Square I wouldn't care how much money I could make from a Final Fantasy 7 remake, it wouldn't be worth the headache from the neckbeards and anime/RPG overzealous fanyboys who cry about everything....

Rockefellow2677d ago

It's funny that you think Square Enix gives a damn about what their customers think. All of the remakes they've made have suffered countless criticism for reasons you've listed and more, yet they keep plopping them our left and right... FF7 has little to do with fan expectations.

Godmars2902677d ago

As Eamon pointed out was talking about fan projects, the Chrono Trigger, but there have also been a couple of FF7 related things begun which Square put a stop to. A fan movie as well as PC remake.

I don't think I'd trust the current Square to go to the corner store for milk, much less remake one of "their" old games.

Eamon2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

Square-Enix's business policy for the last generation has been ruthless. Instead of making games that match up to the legends of the 90s or aiming to fulfill fan expectations they just resort to focus groups and surveys. They put the budget on fancy visuals and cutscenes so that it appears AA quality on the outside. Then fund a massive marketing budget so people can see all the fancy particles and mid-air fight scenes in trailers and tv commercials.

Creative autonomy has been reduced severely and only some developers like Nomura could manage to keep the previous CEO, Wada's hands off from ruining a very ambitious project.

elhebbo162677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

Will they keep the top down prespective or will they make it more like MGS5? (since they could just reuse such assets like animation and gameplay mechanics already created for the fox engine).

ginsunuva2677d ago

How would this mod team get access to the fox engine?

elhebbo162677d ago

Oh I thought konami gave the ok to kojima, nevermind.

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