Clementine is transforming right before our eyes – The Walking Dead: Season Two continues writes: "Season Two of TellTale’s The Walking Dead is shaping up to be quite the excellent package of narrative delight. The game is more visually appealing than the first season, and is less glitchy. It also hasn’t missed a storytelling step.

Most importantly, though, it looks as if the move to thrust Clementine into the spotlight is paying off."

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Totoro173221d ago

She's, honestly, the biggest reason I keep playing (and loving) this series. From that adorable, innocent little girl hiding in her tree house, to the fractured, bad-ass she's destined to become, every episode continues to enthrall and impress me.

buckley3220d ago

Couldn't agree more. I wasn't sure how this move would turn out -- but TellTale has clearly earned the benefit of the doubt

goldwyncq3221d ago

The Ellie and Elizabeth parallel just keeps on growing. Clementine is becoming a woman before our very eyes.

gamernova3220d ago

The push for her to grow up is ridiculous. There are several grown men with better weapon skills and yet clem has to always put herself in danger lol