CVG: Pyro unlockables next for Team Fortress

The Pyro class is next in line to receive an Achievement and unlockables upgrade in Team Fortress 2, Valve has confirmed.

The last class to receive the upgrade goods was the Medic, whom can now receive unlockable weapons for collecting specific Achievements based on its healing abilities.

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solar4982d ago

a lot of peeps on the TF:2 forums think the Pyro is severely underpowered...i think he only needs a tweak in hit detection. that being said...i cant wait! pryo is one of my favorite classes and im sure ive done everything imaginable by Valve so far. hopefully the achievements are not stupid ones that hinder the the medic ones. it sucked having a medic healing you only to run away to go bonesaw another medic or needle gun a scout :/

battery4982d ago

All i need is more pyro's axing me in the back looking for these achievements !