Top 5 Big Name Steam Games: Our Recommendations

SteamFirst: Steam is the home of titles as large as the COD series to games as small as one dollar titles that were once on mobile. Today we are going to mention 5 big name games on Steam that we feel are worthy of a recommendation. Keep in mind, these are our opinions.

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ArchangelMike2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition should be on any list IMO. It's probably the most overlooked RPG ever.

elhebbo162577d ago

I'll probably say Witcher 1 is even more overlooked since it was such a good game but wasn't available on any other platform but PC compared to W2 so less people got to enjoy it.

LightofDarkness2577d ago

It's overlooked because it came out in a sort of "dark" period for PC gaming, just after the next gen consoles released.

elhebbo162577d ago

@lightofdark ahh that too, I remember for the first few months when the 360 came out it was the strongest machine out there and it wasn't till the 8800 GT came out that PC gaming got back on track so I imagine not a lot of people cared for the game until the enhanced addition came out or when it went for cheap on steam/gog sales.

ATi_Elite2577d ago

REMOVE WATCH DOGS and put in it's place

Transistor- from the makers of Bastion nuff said

Among the SLeep- survival horror but you play as a 2 YEAR old, great game

Arma 3 karts - WHo knew the Real Virtualty Engine 4 was a great Racing engine lol

Payday 2 - the shrunk the game but made it run better and Payday is a great game with lots of content

Tropico 5 - It's Tropico nuff said

CryEngine - for $9.99 make your OWN game using the Almighty CryEngine

SteamFirst2577d ago

It was between PayDay 2 and Watch_Dogs. In time Watch dogs will clearly earn the spot

LightofDarkness2577d ago

Watch_Dogs? Really? The game is in shambles on PC at the moment and is, by most accounts, somewhat mediocre. Not to mention there is no tangible benefit to playing the game on PC besides higher resolution and framerate, there are no PC exclusive features to make it stand out as a PC game. The Witcher 2 would have been a better choice. I can think of quite a few better choices, but the others on the list are good.

Anomander2577d ago

I totally agree. Passing on Watch Dogs on PC it is such a mess. As Elhebbo16 said earlier Witcher 1 is another good choice.

Are_The_MaDNess2577d ago

Watch_Dogs isnt worthy of the list since how broken it still is.
DayZ and Arma3 is still unfinished and many would say broken for a good while still.

theEx1Le2574d ago

Arma 3 is done, like finished, released, out of testing.

SteamFirst2577d ago

Watch_Dogs was on the edge. Quite a few games could have taken its place, but the game is fantastic and will be a top one to remember as years go on.

Allsystemgamer2577d ago

See I was going to get the PC version but after hearing all the issues I opted for ps4. Plus now I can hack my cousins. I haven't opened it yet as I'm renovating a place far from home but I can't wait