Jack Tretton to join Geoff Keighley at Spike E3 All Access Event

Former SCEA president Jack Tretton will be joining Geoff Keighley at the Spike All Access event as a guest correspondent for E3!

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ZodTheRipper2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

I'm so happy about this, can't wait to see what he has to say about... pretty much everything. He'll surely give some insight about his departure from Sony and he'll most definately comment on all the game reveals. Now it only takes an Agent reveal to make this situation perfect.
#Believe :D

CocoWolfie2793d ago

he really knows his stuff ive heard! ^.^ so yeah happy too

guitarded772793d ago

Hell yeah... Jack is back!!!

@ shivvy24
:D ++funny

ZodTheRipper2793d ago

At this point E3 just wouldn't be the same without him :)
Even though I see a lot of disagrees here, for me he was the most sympathethic guy in the industtry. I always liked listening to his presentations and these down-to-earth and eloquent responses in interviews
I always thought he was one of the most honest guys in this industry so I really want to hear what he has to say about this years E3.

johndoe112112793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

" I always thought he was one of the most honest guys in this industry"
This I agree with. A lot of people won't remember this but I remember very early last year reading an article when the whole DRM controversy was brewing that Jack Tretton was one of the sony people that strongly opposed it being on the PS4.

I have searched tirelessly for that article ever since and have not been able to locate it unfortunately but I know what I read. The moment I read it I remember saying to myself that the ps4 was not gonna have DRM.

The guy has always seemed genuine and very customer focused. If it was all an act then it was a damn good one and he still has earned my fullest respect. I feel compelled to support this guy in anything he is involved with.

ThatArtGuy2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

As soon as I heard that he was leaving I sent him an autograph request, as I collect them. He was happy to oblige and I also received a nice note of gratitude. He even threw in some temporary PlayStation tattoos.

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fenome2793d ago

Nice! I didn't think we'd be seeing him at this E3. I like the dude.

guitarded772793d ago

Why you have disagree? Jack is awesome. Who can't like Jack. He is/was one of the most honest and open suits in the gaming industry.

BiggCMan2793d ago

Do we know who will be hosting the actual conference yet? I really hope it's Adam Boyes, Andrew House, or Kaz Hirai and not somebody we're less familiar with. All 3 of these guys are super friendly. Shu Yoshida would be amazing, only his English is unfortunately not so great and would be difficult.

Sevir2793d ago

Shu's English is great. I'd love it if he hosted the entire conference.

fenome2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Jacks actual replacement at Sony is Shawn Layden:

But I haven't heard anything about who's actually hosting. I'd prefer some familiar faces though. Hopefully it'll be kind of a combination of everyone you mentioned.

Maybe Cerny could translate for Shu :)

Speak_da_Truth2793d ago

Sasuke i see you all cocky and tellin Kakashi to shut up LOL

on topic: Jacj was the man

Relientk772793d ago

I knew Jack wouldn't miss E3


Hyper_Tension1402793d ago


OMG, that was f**king awesome.

Was that real? lol

HyperBear2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

E3 + Jack Tretton + Dropping Mics = AMAZING!!!

Only problem is my cable provider only offers Spike in SD instead of the HD variant, but oh well. Just happy to see Jack Tretton will be at E3 this year as a guest. Can't Wait :D

BeatTheBullies2793d ago

This is awesome. Playstation King and Dorito Pope <3

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