Sonic’s lamest and most forgotten sidekicks and rivals

Sega has given Sonic plenty of friends and rivals over the year, but these are the ones that we either forgot or wish we could.

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ColManischewitz1694d ago

Isn't Sonic the lamest of them all?

XiSasukeUchiha1694d ago

Troll alert: Almighty push!

hellzsupernova1694d ago

I couldn't help but laugh, sorry sonic fans

Sadie21001694d ago

I don't know most of these characters.

veegeeeffex1694d ago

Then I guess that means you're not part of the Sonic fandom.

Count yourself lucky.

Jonny5isalive1694d ago

knack the weasel, he was pretty damn lame.

Raistlinhawke1694d ago

Should've stopped after Knuckles, Sonic Team.

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