Steam's Unique RPG Maker Free Weekend Won't Sell Copies Thanks To Humble People

GG3 writes: "Despite Steam’s best efforts to combine the RPG Maker free weekend with a generous 75% discount, putting the game at just €15, it’s doubtful many units will be shipped there. Enter the Humble Weekly Bundle that features RPG Maker."

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Snookies123221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

At least it gives people a chance to see what they're getting into before buying from Humble. I agree though, that is a killer deal for this software... I paid 30 bucks for it on sale, and thought that was a steal! Pay what you want though? That's just crazy.

JsonHenry3221d ago

D'oh! I just bought it through Steam!!! arrgggg!!!!

Daavpuke3221d ago

No worries, it's still totally worth its money. I bought it a while ago for that price. If you didn't pick up the DLC yet though, that'd be a good plan still.

Skate-AK3221d ago

I had a RPG maker for PS One when I was young. It blew my mind all they let you do. Made my own mini stories.

Snookies123221d ago

Yeah, I had the original as well back in the day. Spent so many hours making a multi-world RPG, and after like 100+ hours my data got corrupted.... :\

Kinda sold it after that happened, just couldn't bring myself to start over lol!

2pacalypsenow3221d ago

woohoo just got RPG maker for 1$!

ThatArtGuy3221d ago

I gave them $12 and got all the DLC too.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3221d ago

Already have it since last year