PlayStation Plus NA Update - 2 Titles Per Month For PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Next month, PlayStation Plus will reach its 4th year milestone. PS Plus has evolved a lot as a membership since then. We’ve provided our PS Plus members with numerous exclusive discounts, access to betas, demos and even select games early, and of course,free games to play through our Instant Game Collection. As our members have grown with us from our introduction on PS3, PS Vita and now PS4, together we have built a strong community of gamers around the world.

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xHeavYx2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Nice update, I've been wanting to play an NBA game.
It's great that every game is available at the beginning of the month and they keep the titles for the whole month

GribbleGrunger2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I figured this is what Sony would do and I'm all for it. Taking one title from the PS3 and adding it to the PS4 balances the books nicely, and I don't think anyone would think Sony could endlessly add titles without any financial compromises. Two titles on each platform is just the ticket and getting them for exactly one month (start to finish) also makes sense. I just hope that Europe get the same two games for the PS4!

edit: I could be wrong. I'm reading on other forums that it's one extra game per month ... I could have sworn you used to get three games per month on the PS3. Can anyone verify this?

darthv722705d ago

Sly Cooper: TiT....I'm good with that. Been meaning to pick it up and now I wont have to. It will dl when available.

GribbleGrunger2705d ago

I bought it a while back. It's a very good game.

Prime1572705d ago

Gribble, I thought they were doing 3 as well for ps3.

For May they gave pro evo, skull girls, and puppeteer.

GribbleGrunger2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I've been asking around and evidently they 'occasionally' had three for the PS3. I'm really not bothered to be honest ... it just bugged me LOL.

AceBlazer132705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I can't believe people are disappointed with this, Sly, NBA and Trine. 3 games I wanted. Nice month.

And yes you got 3 titles on PS3 I believe. 2 AAA and an indie most of the time.

brightlight2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

PS+ mainly offer 6 games, so it used to be 1 PS4,3 PS3 and 2 PSVITA.
So you subtract 1 game from PS3 count and add it up to the PS4.

I got both consoles so it's more rewarding.

mikeslemonade2705d ago

This is one of the better months. I waited for Trine 2 and now it's free.

Limegreen2705d ago


Why you mad Bro. Get a PS4 and problem solved !

guitarded772705d ago

More PS4 is more gooder!!! PS+ is the best value in gaming. I've been going since day 1, and it has greatly improved. Bought 2 years on Black Friday for $35 each, and at that price it's a no brainer.

FamilyGuy2705d ago

I'm kind of glad that they are phasing out that year long game thing. Having 2 new choices for each platform EVERY MONTH is awesome!
That's 72 unique titles a year for those that own all 3.

I'm surprised to see NBA 2K14 on the list because it's only about 8 months old, that's a good sign of getting getting more current retail releases if I ever saw one. The 20 hour trial of BF4 was pretty cool too.

I hope they keep it up. $50 for 72 unique titles is well worth the money.

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GarrusVakarian2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

If you have a PS3, a PS4, and a will now be getting 6 games a month, 72 games a year, for $50. SEVENTY TWO. PS Plus is ridiculous.

Also, Trine 2 for PS4, awesome. I was waiting for this to go on sale, guess i don't have to now. Great game (from what i played on the 360) with great visuals.

Prime1572705d ago

Yeah, I like what I've played of trine. They gave us trine on ps3 long ago, but I never got a chance to play with anyone.

jmac532705d ago

I know, I feel like I am doing something wrong it's such a ridiculous deal. I almost bought Trine 2 a couple weeks ago, glad I didn't.

fr0sty2705d ago

Even if you only own one of those consoles, the dollar value of those 24 games per year is ridiculous compared against the $50 they ask to join the program.

Sony really did hit a homerun to the moon with PS+. I was upset at them for doing pay-to-play online at first, but they really have done a fantastic job of upgrading their network and giving me plenty of added value via free games to make the fee worthwhile.

Visiblemarc2705d ago

Yeah, the value is so insane that when I meet people who don't appreciate it, I actually question their intelligence/values. LOL

This line up is so good. Two titles I'd been waiting for sales on. Mutant Mudds and Trine 2. Pixel Junk looks good too. Platinumed Sly when it launched but I regret nothing, was awesome.

DualWielding2705d ago

its still a good value at the moment yes, that doesn't change the fact that now its going to be less of a good value than it was before and that Sony may downgrade even further in the future..... so its good for people to complain and let Sony know they have to maintain the standards they set themselves

LonDonE2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Ye Trine 2 is one of fave games of last generation! i have it on wii u and pc and i swear it is AWESOME! the art and music is mind blowing!
In fact it had been a long time since i had been blown away by a game!

Anyone who has not played the game is missing out, and i urge EVERYONE to play it!! especially now its going to be free! hell i loved it so much after buying it on wii u i went and bought it on my pc and was tempted to buy it on PS4 too because its native 1080p at 60fps and looks SEXY!!

Man i just cant get over how much value PSN plus is, its basically the price of one game for a whole years worth of great games! any Playstation gamer who doesn't have psn plus is CRAZY! no wonder Microsoft has now copied Sony, actually they have pretty much copied everything from Sony this generation.

Am so hyped to play through Trine 2 again on the PS4, and its even more better when played multi player, and its one of those games where u can play it local co-op or online and its still just as fun! Even to this day i still find people playing it online on the wii u, so on PS4 it should be easier hopefully to play online. I love Sony seriously its like they are in WAR MODE this gen and are taking no prisoners!

Microsoft needs to seriously get there shit together to even compete with Sony, and this is coming from a gamer who owns and games on all platforms! I like my X1, its better then i thought, but man Microsoft just seem so lost and lack vision.
All the 180 back tracking has knocked the confidence of allot of my xbox only friends.

Either way i am so hyped, Nintendo has started to finally launch the big games on wii u, we got Mario kart which my copy arrives tomorrow, they are rumoured to have monoliths x this year, smash, and this year we will finally get to see the new zelda u!

I just wish it looks like the tech demo, and i hope they show real time game engine game play and not a c.g footage pre rendered.
Also i hope metroid prime 4 gets announced, PLEASE GOD!and how can i forget Bayonetta 2, jesus i loved the first game so much and the sequel looks MIND BLOWING! cant wait for the second game later this year!

I think it clearly shows the doubters that WiiU is more powerfull then people think! Its looks crazy sik and at a silky smooth 60fps!

Sony should be showing uncharted, i just hope again its real time game play and not c.g, but i am a little worried that they dont have enough first party exclusives for this year!
I just hope they announce stuff for release this year, and i hope everything hasn't been delayed or is coming 2015! I love my PS4 but man i need some games to play on the dam thing!

And lastly xbox should get some good games this year, and if the rumour is true that there is a Halo game coming which consists of Halo 1 to 4 all remastered in HD native 1080p 60fps then man i am so buying that!!! its a shame halo 5 is coming next year possibly.
But apart from sunset over drive and if the rumour is true the halo remastered box set, there is not much else for this year with regards to exclusives which interest me.
This E.3 should be AWESOME!!!

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callahan092705d ago

This is AWESOME!!! PixelJunk Shooter is a *wonderful* game, by the way. PS4 owners who missed out on that from the PS3 days are in for a real treat.

lelo2705d ago

Nothing for me here... already played the games I was interested. Another bad month for me in relation to PS4's PS+ offerings.

Bennibop2704d ago

Damn it I bought Trine 2 last week as I wanted to try the 3d (which is brilliant as 120hz)

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Lionalliance2705d ago

Makes sense, I think its better this way.

disKinected2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Awesome news.

theshredded2705d ago

Glad I sticked with Europe,we get better games earlier than NA members

Goro2705d ago

In your opinion that is, i happen to disagree but that's my opinion.

Delsin_Rowe2705d ago

At least we got PlayStation Now, we get to try everything first so you can have free games first but at least we had the PS4, PlayStation Now first and don't forget E3 is in North America so we be able to try those new IP trial first so I am glad I sticker with North America, we get to try, play, buy, new stuff from PlayStation first .

Joey_Leone2705d ago

Get the #[email protected] outta here with that PS Now crap, I'm all for PC and Sony but cloud gaming is something we should NOT be hyping up.

Kivespussi2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Hah. US gets way better deals which I would take over the games we get any day. Also this months PS+ for EU? Underwhelming... An yearly sports game? Really? EU's PS+ haven't been that great for the past few months either

wsoutlaw872705d ago

2 games a month on all platforms and a conistant time frame are great improvements. This makes plus a better service.