Has Real Racing 3 Let Slip Apple's Microconsole Plans?

Firemonkeys released an exciting update to Real Racing 3 today, which includes a particularly intriguing feature - squeezed in amongst the Road to Le Mans content - called Party Play.

Party Play allows four friends to connect via BlueTooth controllers to an iPad, enabling local splitscreen multiplayer. Take your iPad out to your flatscreen TV with a HDMI adaptor and bingo, the Apple microconsole has arrived.

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SlappingOysters2706d ago

It's a no brainer to me that Apple would capitalise on its current - and effective - ecosystem to do this. Why else would they do MFI controllers if not to set up for a Microconsole?

WizzroSupreme2705d ago

Don't know the definition between micro console and handhelds, but I'll bite.

SlappingOysters2705d ago

I microconsole is like Ouya or the Fire TV. So it is a console that sits under your TV, but rather than the full disc-based Xbox style of thing, it runs off a Android, Amazon or - in this case - iOS dashboard and downloads stuff direct from the stores.

So you play it on your TV (it's not a handheld) but you play mobile games (cause you download them from iTunes and they cost $1)

At least, that is my understanding

Cookiebex2705d ago

Well that sounds pretty Ace. I guess they would have to be games specific though, considering so many games have now been designed for touch?