Watch Dogs NPC AI Can Be Incredibly Smart (Or Stupid) At Times [Animated GIFs]

GearNuke: "Watch Dogs has arguably a great AI for an open world game, but it can be either incredibly smart or downright stupid at times."

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Dustinf111665d ago

This is kind of a silly article...

monkey481665d ago

I've been playing but the whole changing traffic light thing doesn't make sense. If one light turns green and you see a car going why would you speed up and crash? Stupid NPCs.

mafiahajeri1665d ago

Their probably on their phones like in real life.

specialguest1665d ago

The AI seems realistic to me. Believe or not, there are a lot of stupid/ignorant people out there who fail to realize the danger their in like the 2nd gif where the woman stood next to a burning car which then blows up.

Not long ago in my city there was a sleet storm that caused cars on the highway to lose control and get stuck. The driver of one of the stuck cars got out and crouch down on the road to take a picture of his car I'm assuming for the insurance claim while other cars were sliding along the same road. One car lost control and barely missed plowing him down literally by half a foot. The guy had no clue he almost died.

christrules00411664d ago

You should look up a tv show called Canadas Worst Driver. You would be surprised how bad of drivers are out there.