Get 360 core units for cheap… with a small catch

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is traditionally known as a shopping day, where retailers often offer huge discounts. Thanks to a PDF file at a Black Friday ad scan site, we now know that CompUSA will have a three-hour sale on Xbox 360 Core units.

There's a small catch to the $99 360 sale, however. You only get the deal if you buy a Motorazor V3 phone, which costs $30. Still, a $129 Core 360 unit is better than a $299 360 unit. And while the entire CompUSA sale goes on until Saturday, November 25th, the Xbox 360 Core unit deal is only good Thursday, November 23rd from 9 PM to 12 midnight

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AuburnTiger4445d ago

this is just another way for cell phone companies to get you into another 2 year contract. In the long run, this would be the most expensive console ever.

ernande4445d ago

+ $30 phone.
+ $30 activation fee.
+ $30/month X 24 months = $720
+ $99 Xbox360 Core

= $879 total

MicroGamer4444d ago

The article isn't there anymore, but not worth signing up for phone service to get a cheap 360. Like when people were giving away "free" PCs if you signed up for their insanely expensive dial up service. You basically got a crap PC using 2 year old technology and paid 24.95- 29.95 per month for 56k service for 2 years. Not really a good deal.