Watch Dogs vs inFamous: Second Son Graphics Comparison

Here's what the big open world games on PS4 look like side-by-side.

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corvusmd1664d ago

Not sure this is really a fair comparison. Inf will look better of course, but that's because there isn't as much going on "behind the scenes". Watch Dogs is a deeper game, so there's a trade off there.

Chuk51664d ago

WD is a better game altogether.

l-Mc-I1664d ago

No, hacking isn't better than having super human abilities. I do like watchdogs though

Palitera1664d ago

Aidan is very much like a super hero with his hacking power.

If you ask for "alien" powers, though, you'd have to say Batman is not a super hero.

killzone6191664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Gotta love the dynamic weather in I:SS...oh wait

MelvinTheGreat1664d ago

It is over all, more depth, better story, hacking is better than those "powers" with are more less the same thing but they just have didnt effects. More reply ability.

theXtReMe11664d ago

You can't compare the two. You're talking about a dead city in infamous, where there's no interaction with anything other than the enemies... compared to a lively city where you can interact with everyone and almost everything in Watchdogs. The fact that watchdogs looks three quarters as good as infamous is a testament to how far Ubisoft went to make the game looks so good with so much going on.

A lot of those pictures, also arent a one-to-one comparison. There are pictures in infamous that have shadowing going on, that are in broad daylight with no shadows in watchdogs. If you're going to make a comparison you have to have two pictures that are like each other, at the same time of day, with the same weather affecting everything, going on.

I'm not saying infamous is a bad looking game, it's incredible. What I'm saying is watchdogs can't be compared to it, because it has so much more going on in the city. It has a lot of systems interacting with each other to bring the weather, time of day, wind and rain to game players. Something that infamous doesn't have. So you're sort of comparing apples to oranges.

Both games are powerhouses for the system and both have their strengths and weaknesses. I think overall, watchdogs is the better looking game, because there is so much more going on in the city to make it feel alive. You can interact with almost everything. And there is so much more to do in that game world than there is in infamous.

make721664d ago

i played watchdogs ultra settings with high end to say even ps3:s Gta V looks better.Rockstar can made miracles.This Watchdogs graphics are big joke.

Clunkyd1664d ago

uhh...We're comparing graphics, Not the whole game.
Infamous easily beats WatchDogs.

1nsomniac1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Have you physically played either games??

This myth that Infamous SS is an NPC empty game is just ridiculous. It has more NPC's than Watch Dogs although I agree they're not as varied & lower AI Also Watch_Dogs graphics even at Ultra settings are creeping beyond mediocre at best!

I have both games SS & WD on a gaming PC & SS is undeniably & unquestionably the better looking game!

marcindpol1664d ago

I agree with you, and I finished that boring and empty Infamous game. Please hate..

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veterangamer11664d ago

And in gameplay both are average?

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