Headsets Head-to-Head a review of the main headsets for Xbox One

In the last few months HooksaN at Mad Xbox used all four of the headsets available for the Xbox One:

The Turtle Beach XO4
The Polk 4Shots
The Microsoft official Stereo Headset
The Turtle Beach XO7

So, HooksaN took those experiences and put them in a head-to-head review!

scotmacb3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

If you want a good headset without a mic get grados sr80i they blow away all gaming headsets i tryed my mates a40's and then tryed the grados the difference was big and thats trying both through the astro mix amp and the new x1 adapter the grado's are under £100 and get 5 star ratings in what hi-fi just awesome


Phil Spencer Talks For The First Time About The Price Of The Xbox Series S In Brazil

After about a month of silence from Microsoft, Phil Spencer, commander of the company’s gaming division, spoke for the first time about the sudden and inexplicable price increase of the Xbox Series S in brazil.

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Vits1d 7h ago (Edited 1d 7h ago )

The current official price for the Series S in Brazil is R$3,599. During the last Black Friday, many retailers like Amazon and a local one called Kabum sold the PS5 Disc for R$3,440. The latter reported that they sold the equivalent of the height of 10 Eiffel Tower of PS5 consoles on Black Friday which people are speculating is somewhere between 3k - 7k per tower or 30k to 70k PS5 sold by one single retailer during the sale period.

Meanwhile no news about sales of the Xbox Series X or S. The latter did get into a sale as well, but the sales price was still 25% higher than the price that the console was commonly found before the price hike. Whereas the Series X did not get any significant deals during the period.

Before the price hike and the sales, the PS5 had 18% whereas the Xbox Series had 14% of the Brazilian gaming market (PGB report 2023). But I'm curious to see how the numbers will be for the 2024 report.

Source: https://www.adrenaline.com....

Dabigsiebowski15h ago

Frankly I wouldn't want to touch the Brazilian market myself. Female players have been murdered because of gaming over there. The country has a huge issue with handling masculinity online way more so than anywhere else.

I'd gtfo of any association with that sorta terrorism.


Turtle Beach Reveals The Stealth Ultra Wireless Smart Game Controller

This looks interesting. Best-selling gaming headset and accessory maker Turtle Beach Corporation today unveiled its eagerly anticipated first-wireless controller for Xbox and PC, the Designed for Xbox Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra Wireless Smart Game Controller.


Xbox CFO Discusses Opportunities with AI, how Microsoft Measures Its Success in Games, and More

Xbox CFO Tim Stuart discussed the application of AI gaming, the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Game Pass, and how Microsoft measures success in gaming.

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crazyCoconuts3d ago

"Stuart explains that Xbox's mission is to bring its first-party experiences and subscription services to every screen that can play a game.
That means smart TVs. That means mobile devices. That means what we would have thought as competitors in the past, like PlayStation and Nintendo."

phoenixwing3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Third party train has arrived in the station. Ready to depart console business when next gen happens.

Basically microsoft is ditching xbox asap and going all in with gamepass

crazyCoconuts2d ago

In the article I feel they de-emphasized GamePass as being their sole focus. Still interested in selling using traditional approach as well.

S2Killinit2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Xbox fans are going to get what they kept cheering for despite other gamers raising the red flag and warning them at every turn.

**Although you really cannot believe anything MS says. Literally flipping every comment on its head has often been a good indication of the truth when it comes to MS.

Obscure_Observer2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

"Basically microsoft is ditching xbox asap and going all in with gamepass"

You delusional bunch never get tired and got yourselves disappointed.

We been hearing all this "Xbox is going to leave the console business and go full third party" bs since Xbox started to release its games on PC.

And yet, both Playstation and Epic are getting a total of zero Xbox first party games while a next gen Xbox console powered by hybrid technology leaked by FTC documents is already in development to be released in 2028. XD

So you people can be mad as you want, but those are the *facts*!

Quit the port begging already, because Playstation ain´t getting no games from Xbox in the foreseeable future. Period!

Do what you do

Lightning772d ago

Lol you mean this Tim Stuart.


Where he alluded that Starfield and other Bethesda titles could arrive first or "better on Xbox" which ultimately never happened. He's a business strategist he doesn't have final say. He formulates business plans and strategies and suggestions. Phil has final say in these things. Games like Minecraft and certain Bethesda games Deathloop and Ghost Wire, COD and a few others will get support on PS and Nintendo of course. This is no sign or indication of third party for all its games I know you guys are twitching for it hard tho.

Because of fanboyism.

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Brazz2d ago

This realy feels like Xbox is ready to become third party. Not necessarily kill Xbox consoles, but kill exclusivity.

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anast2d ago

Xbox games are going to get even shi#$%&.

Obscure_Observer2d ago

"Xbox games are going to get even shi#$%&."

Well, If true, then future Playstation games are also f*cked.

"AAA games have gone from taking teams of 50 people two years to make to now sometimes taking teams of hundreds of people more than ten years to make," Raymond said."

"At Haven, one way we are evolving to improve our production processes is through investing in R&D around generative AI and machine learning, in the belief these technologies will eventually help game developers reverse that trend, and unlock more creativity from developers and players alike."


anast2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

"Well, If true, then future Playstation games are also f*cked."

History has shown that PlayStation can offer some good quality entertainment along with jank. MS, however, does not have this reputation.

*Obscure: I know you mean well, but I don't click on links in forums.

Obscure_Observer2d ago

"History has shown that PlayStation can offer some good quality entertainment along with jank. MS, however, does not have this reputation."

We´re talking about the *future* here, dude. Nothing is set in stone.

Until Phil Spencer take over, Xbox had only 5 first party studios, now Xbox has 39.

Until Ryan Playstation had 13 first party studios, now they have 19.

Oddly tables had turned and now Xbox first party mainly focus is single player and RPG games while Playstation main focus is GaaS and remasters.

Which one will be successful in its endeavors and vision, no one can tell.

anast2d ago

"We´re talking about the *future* here, dude. Nothing is set in stone."

The only way we can predict the future is via observation and previous knowledge. Therefore, in this case it looks to be inevitable that MS Xbox gaming will continue to get worse.

Plague-Doctor272d ago (Edited 2d ago )

"Success for us is we can keep growing that content and services revenue double-digits. [...]. If we can grow faster than the market is growing, we are taking share in the gaming market.

And that's where we want to be. It's a 250 billion dollar market. We are not 250 billion dollars."

Their goal is a monopoly

Mr_cheese2d ago

It wouldn't surprise me if Microsoft shift from a console to an amazon firestick sort of device that can be plugged into a tv/monitor and connected to a controller.

It shifts them out of the console business, keeps them on their path of providing gamepass to devices.

crazyCoconuts2d ago

I agree.
It may sound strange, but a cloud stick/streaming handheld is STILL kinda a console. Nearly all the things you do on a traditional console would still be needed... Settings/preferences, managing clips, friends, chats...
Even though the rendering happens in their data center, they'd still be in the console business, and the "platform" business case that drives a traditional console (% revenue on sales of 3rd party games) would still 100% be there.

Mr_cheese2d ago

If *and its definitely an if because I've got no idea* they do shift from console to streaming, I'd assume that things like recording clips etc would be dropped.

They'd be silly to drop game chat, achievements and other metrics but it would be easy to see how recording wouldn't be a priority in order for them to achieve their goal.

crazyCoconuts2d ago

In a cloud architecture, no reason to drop clip recording... It would just be done in the cloud vs. from your console...

Obscure_Observer2d ago

Phil said many many times that you WON´T get high fidelity gaming from Cloud and that´s what Xbox consoles are for!

The most powerful GPU today won´t give you 4K/60fps for current gen games powered by UE5!

There´s only two consoles aiming for high fidelity gaming in the market today, and, if you think MS will leave that market for Sony and pursue some Cloud only route so Xbox first party games might run like crap on Xbox´s proprietary devices while running glorious on Playstation consoles you´re out of your mind.

crazyCoconuts2d ago

@obscure, all this discussion is based on a premise that MS is shifting to a content and services focus vs. a platform focus, per the article. How dramatic that shift will be is anyone's guess. If only 25% of their sales is SeriesX and they lose $XM on each exclusive in opportunity cost, at what point is the console no longer viable? I have no idea. You might be right and it's still worth it even with a small user base

Mr_cheese2d ago

It's all hypothetical Obscure, your guess as much as mine. I'm also not saying they will, I'm saying if. Signs are pointing to them dropping console at some point to become a full blown 3rd party publisher especially when a lot of their newer purchases Zenimax, ABK made more money outside of Microsoft consoles and that's the key. Microsoft care for the money and if that means no console but control through subs, they'll do it.

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