fMSX PSP v3.5.2 Emulator Update released

Uberjack has released a maintenance update to fMSX, an MSX series emulator for the PSP that supports both MSX and MSX2 cartridge files.

Previous versions of the emulator contained two mislabeled configuration settings. In the updated release, both MSX Music and MSX Audio now correctly refer to FMPAC/YM2413 and Y8950, respectively.

As such, the author notes that users should make sure that MSX Music is enabled if FMPAC-based titles were previously freezing.

Changelog Version 3.5.2:

- Corrected MSX Music/MSX Audio labeling in System settings
- MSX Music now correctly refers to FMPAC/YM2413 chip; MSX Audio refers to Y8950 chip. If the emulator was previously freezing with FMPAC audio, double-check to make sure MSX Music is enabled (disable MSX Audio to gain some extra speed) and try again.

Gun_Senshi5840d ago

Now you can play the ORIGINAL Metal Gear

MK_Red5840d ago

I don't understand most of that text but I'm a huge fan of emulators so this is good news :)

Alexander Roy5840d ago

Glad to see that progress on some emulators is not dead yet.

Gun_Senshi5840d ago (Edited 5840d ago )


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@below. LOL bubbles + for laugh

Bob Dole5840d ago

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isarai11d ago

Kenka Bancho is such a hidden gem.

Chevalier9d ago

I think I got half the list. Including Junpeis hat

gold_drake9d ago

ooo i still have my persona 1 and p3p


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