An evening with Uwe Boll

Uwe Boll is in a difficult position. As far as gamers go, he's probably the most universally hated person in the world bar Jack Thompson. But the irony is that most Boll-haters hate him so much that they refuse to watch any of his films. Any of them. So we have forums full of gamers who hate Boll because everyone else hates Boll, and because that automatically makes Boll's work worthless, it doesn't get seen. And because it doesn't get seen, Boll never gets a chance to change people's minds.

GamesRadar decided to put that right this week. Four brave cinematic adventurers from the GamesRadar team (Ben, David, James and Justin) picked up Boll's first three videogame movies (House Of The Dead, Bloodrayne and Alone In The Dark) and made an attempt to watch all of them in one night. How did we fare? Read on. Over the next six pages you'll find a brutal and frank, minute-by-minute account of our experiences and discussion.

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Imallvol74982d ago

I love the pic you chose.

Why are they trying to make him look like a martyr now?

Gun_Senshi4982d ago (Edited 4982d ago )

its the pic from gameradar :S

my 1st news ever, any comments?

(I hope I get 1up and GS MGS4 review lol)

MK_Red4982d ago

I wonder what happened to that anti-Boll petition.

yanikins1114982d ago

So why do we hate this chump so much?

Gun_Senshi4982d ago (Edited 4982d ago )

He's an insult to gaming industry. All his movies are an insult to the game the movie is suppose to be above.

House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, BloodRayne, BloodRayne II: Deliverance, In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, and Postal.

yanikins1114982d ago (Edited 4982d ago )

What movies has he done apart from Alone in the dark? (he did do that right?)

I actually quite liked that... Then again im a deranged sociopath.

Edit: To be fair, Bloodrayne was a pretty sh** game to start with :P, And what was house of the dead? Was that the lightgun game from sega? Cos that was hardly GOTY material either. We gamers are not levelling our hate at someone for no reason are we?

Panthers4982d ago

I liked Blood Rayne (the game)

But if you go to Yahoo Movies and click on Top Rated, the have the lowest rated movies based on user reviews, and almost all of his movies rank in the Worst 25 movies of all time.

yanikins1114982d ago

Bloodrayne was OK, but i doubt anyone could have made a decent movie out of it. If he is making movies based on average games you cant really blame him if the movies stink. I mean it is his responsibilty, but last tme i checked Jesus was the last person to turn water into wine, if you get my analogy...

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Euphrate4982d ago

He has made Fanboys come together and put their differences aside...

He is a genius, he did ALL those bad movies, so that we could all have something in common, they hate for his work...

A hero indeed....

user8586214982d ago

can some1 plzzz take dis guy to the plastic surgeons!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.