EA puts more content on Marketplace

Despite all negative comments, EA decided to put some more 'downloadable' content on Xbox Live Marketplace. Of course the content isn't really downloadable since it is already on your gamedisc, but for a small price you can unlock some new Need for Speed: Carbon cars.

There is also some new content for FIFA 07, that actually is not on your gamedisc yet. You can download the logo of your favorite club and display it on your trainingpitch.

More info and prices on the link below.

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ZeroAlarm4451d ago

I am boycotting EA for this reason and will boycott any other company who makes customers pay for items that are allready on the disk.

ryanjtravis4451d ago

This is completely disgusting. For a while I have been seeing people bashing EA, but I quietly thought, "you know, some of their games are crap, but some are pretty good."
NOW I understand what you EA-Haters were talking about... this whole Premium Content scam is a gigantic load of crap, and EA are in fact doing a terrific job at attempting to ruin gaming. Nice work EA - You guys are true bastards.

JPomper4451d ago

That story picture is perfect.

Jakens4451d ago

Yesterday I spent 1260 MS Points. About $16.00 and I am happy I did. EA is not trying to please everyone. That make them cool in my book. Look at it this way...If you meet someone that tries so hard to impress you it may creep you out. If you meet someone that has their own view and sticks to it, you may say they are cool.

I say EA is cool.

consolewars4451d ago

wow, people are actually buying it.

The Snake4451d ago

The more people buy it, the less likely EA will stop doing this to their customers.

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