Watch_Dogs - Final PC Ultra Version Versus E3 2012 Build - Full Demarco Mission

This video shows some additional features that have been removed from the final version of the game. The E3 2012 build featured smoke effects comparable to Nvidia's PhysX GPU-accelerated smoke effects that were present in Batman: Arkham series. Well, this gorgeous effect has been completely removed.

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Eonjay1606d ago

I'm sorry but the PC version looks closer to the PS4 version than the E3 2012 version. Out of curiosity, I would like to know what this demos was ran on. What mythical rig is running the 2012 version lol. Or is it more likely that the effects were removed to increase compatibility across different hardware setups?

Muffins12231606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Honestly if they put back in all those emitter and effects it would probably look as nice as the e3 2012 im sure a patch or mod for pc can make the emitters better. I think it would be easy to have a mod that just amplifies the explosion for the gas station.

crxss1605d ago

Just finished beating watch dogs and I gotta say, this game has left me disappointed since it's e3 reveal. Maybe they shouldn't have delayed it and had the same results haha.

ginsunuva1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Effects no doubt.

Remember all the AC demos with good-looking effects and animations that weren't even in the game?

Ubisoft always doctors their demos.

AKissFromDaddy1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

The lighting, smoke, shadows, and rain are unreal(in a good way) in the E3 ver. Even the lights bulbs at 00:38 look better in the E3 ver.

The shadows are stronger and appear more often in the E3 ver. The rain looks heavier too. That fire is beautiful. There's a mist or light fog in the E3 ver. too.

Unless the E3 version is a video, I have no evidence to suggest otherwise.

It's disheartening that the E3 version isn't the final build for PC.

hollabox1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

The geometry has been significantly paired back, ground textures seem to lack sharpness, and other effects unless its raining out. Also tone mapping appears to be different, less volumetric fog effects and ambient occlusion. I think the main character looks about the same but damn the environments took a hit. Overall the visuals are inconsistent, some missions look phenomenal, others look like they were ripped straight from 1st gen PS3 games.

Oh Ubisoft please release a patch for AMD graphics card. My AMD R9 290 struggles at time when driving and during firefights even with the latest beta drivers. I also noticed allot of pop in when driving fast, its pretty bad, probably the worst I've seen since the PS2 days. You would think a graphics card with 4 GBs of DDR 5 ram, and 12 GBs of system RAM, running off Samsung 830 MLC SSD drive could load entire missions at ounce right Ubisoft?

Braid1605d ago

Same for me pal, you're not alone. I tried the game on my PC equipped with the same GPU you have- a 4GB Sapphire R 290 o/c and driving is virtually unplayable as it stutters like hell, and fps drops to 20s as you get faster. Some people were claiming that it was due to the amount of VRAM, well I can confirm you that it just isn't.

The latest AMD beta drivers and day zero patch did nothing at all. So what would I do, I bought the friggin game for PS4 today even though I have a monster GPU. That's just unbelievable that I had to pick it up for the console even though I upgraded my GPU just to play this game on PC with max settings, man if only I knew.

PersonMan1605d ago

PC Master Race…

Sorry, I had to do it.

These are some of the issues I used to run into all the time before I switched to console-only gaming.

I was tired of all the bad optimizations and driver issues on PC games.

hollabox1605d ago

I cancelled the PS4 version, I was like to buy the best version of the video game. Its not that good to buy again for another system ( I have done this in the past), its playable until you get to driving.

Criti-Choco1605d ago

Multi generation/platform title in a nutshell. Probably alot of scaled back assets in place to make all the porting even more of a breeze. Damn shame, glad I opted to buy this on ps4 instead of on my pc so I can trade it back later once I finish this campaign.

hollabox1605d ago

Current gen (XB1 and PS4) will not be able to flex their muscles until the X360 and PS3 reach end of life. Watch Dog ground textures in daylight look about PS3 quality, a lack of detail and layered effects.

Criti-Choco1605d ago

That would be true on it's visual aspects, however , theres alot this game needs to improve on mechanically. Driving and global physics comes to mind here. They really undermined the memory and cpu usage.

Biggest1605d ago

I do wish people would stop lumping PS4 and XB1 together in this fashion. There isn't much muscle to flex. This game shows, yet again, that the XB1 needs a lower resolution and lowered performance to play the same games as PS4. That is the same standard for PS3/X360. The muscle, how ever much or little, by each console's exclusives. The older generation has nothing to do with it.

Braid1605d ago

I really don't know why they didn't let the mission roll as it was shown if they indeed designed the interior of that club. I thought it was only there for the sight in the final version, and that it was not enterable. Very curious about the reason now.

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