Video Update for Elysian Shadows, Next-Gen 2D/3D RPG for Dreamcast, OUYA, etc

Multiplatform RPG gets new video update.

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Th3o3650d ago

Looks really good:) looking forward to playing it:)


Ex “Elysian Shadows” members offer free copies of “Towards The Pantheon” to backers

With Towards The Pantheon’s release date of May 16th nearing, lead developer Connor O.R.T. Linning has written an open letter offering a free Steam key and a free Bandcamp soundtrack key to all Elysian Shadows backers.


Elysian Shadows Back On Track Following Team Upheaval

Joanna Mueller writes: "Elysian Shadows raised $185,322 with the help of 2,282 Kickstarter backers in 2014. This 2D pixel art/3D environment fusion RPG featured dynamic lighting, shadows, physics, and positional audio. Basically, it was a really ambitious project being created by a relatively small development team. As such, there was some team drama that threatened the future of the game late last year."

garyanderson2733d ago

No one should hold their breath for things to continue going smoothly.


Elysian Shadows Returns From Kickstarter Silence With Major Teaser

Dylan Cunningham writes: "This comes after a nine-month silence without updates. A post from last December went into some intimate details regarding a team member suddenly leaving and taking everything with him. That was the cause of major delays, says the team."

garyanderson2801d ago

I've got a bad feeling about this....