Developers of Newly Popular 'SuperHot' Game Would "Love" to Port to All Three Current-Gen Platforms

Console versions in the plans.

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JackOfAllBlades2680d ago

All 3? The Wii U isn't current gen

Nuk2680d ago

Normally i find posts like these completely stupid. In this case, i find it completely appropriate.


joab7772680d ago

Time moves only when u move. Of thats true why are the bullets moving slowly? Is appears when u r not moving time moves very slowly. Maybe he was just moving slowly.

Still looks really cool.

thehobbyist2680d ago

You're still breathing so you're technically still moving. So time goes extremely slow.

crowsticky12342680d ago

People should stop reading and play it for themselves, being put on consoles is what I would love to see, it has great gameplay, it's something that's worth playing. I'm not a promoter but this game needs to be on the headlines

Here's the link, just click on "Play the Prototype"

$h*t is amazing.

Iltapalanyymi2680d ago

i would buy this on my ps4 or 3