Ultra Street Fighter 4 trophies surface on PlayStation 4

The trophies for Capcom's Ultra Street Fighter 4 popped up today, but you can only view them on a console if you have a PlayStation 4.

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XiSasukeUchiha2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Hmm, so is it USFIV for PS4, or a bug? indeed sir that's a good question, hopefully it's just a bug, because USFIV on PS4, would be a cash-grab!

It's look more a glitch than a actual game for sure!

Abash2583d ago

I'd buy it, I love Street Fighter IV and would like to play it at 1080p on my PS4.

Nitrowolf22583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

uh there is no indication that this is for PS4 caus eof this. You could always view PS3 trophies on PS4

Cryptcuzz2583d ago

I would love to be able to play USFIV on the PS4 as well, so hope this is a sign it will be released on the PS4 sometimes this summer/fall.

zeee2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Off topic but did you guys see the live action film on you tube? It is much better than mk legacy and has me hyped for a new sf game which is a big deal as I was done with sf series.

hay2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

It's clearly listed under PS3 with DLC icon.

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Baka-akaB2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Whywould you hope it's not a ps4 version when some clearly want it ? FFS

DeathOfTheFanBoy2583d ago

It's been strongly rumored to be coming to PS4 since Ultra was announced, I love all the street fighter games, if it was coming to xb1 it would be a day zero purchase for me, I think it's PS4 (next gen) exlusive though. Cash grab or not people will want to buy it.

AznGaara2583d ago

Like how every other remake for the next-gen systems is a cash-grab? lol

XANDEO2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Hope it's true

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Eonjay2583d ago

Kinda saw this coming. Good to see though.

maniacmayhem2583d ago

I have a feeling that SFIV will pop up on X1 and PS4. This game was announced months and months ago and there's no appears to be no reason why this game couldn't have released those months ago.

The balanced and tweaked everything long ago. The only reason I can see is for Capcom to make a huge announcement at E3 that this new SF is appearing on all consoles.

pop_tarts2583d ago

lol USF4 PS4 exclusive confirmed...take a 1 Half-Life 3 confirmed o.o

JackVagina2583d ago


Coming soon to a next gen console near you

eferreira2583d ago

wow an original joke from someone who doesn't play fighting games

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