Watch Dogs Digital Pre-Order Controversy On PS4 Causes A Huge Backlash For Ubisoft

GearNuke: "Users who pre-ordered Watch Dogs digitally on the PS4 might be facing issues with their purchase."

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XiSasukeUchiha3174d ago

Hmm...In the end their always controversy about every new, and game-changing ideas.

OT: Ok Ubisoft way a go on this!

AgentSmithPS43174d ago

<facepalm> Keep up the good work, intentional or not.

thorstein3173d ago

"Can you feel the hate tonight..."

So, now that the naysayers were disproven with their "graphics downgrades" and their other hate... we have this. Likened to the "MLB 14 Controversy" that wasn't a controversy and was solved within hours of the store update.

These anti-hypers just can't get enough.

I wonder why these people game at all. If all any company does is "anger" them, then they really don't understand how to enjoy life.

This game is great!

AndrewLB3173d ago

Umm... the graphics were downgraded from what was shown at E3 2012. And it's CLEARLY downgraded from the PC version.

That difference in that video is a lot more than a change in resolution to 900p. Everything on the PS4 version looks blurred like they used FXAA, but FXAA doesn't darken brightly illuminated areas as seen towards the end of the video in the alleyway. That's due to using sub-par ambient occlusion and high performance/low quality shadow filtering.

I think part of that may be due to Sony using limited dynamic range in the graphics driver causing the PS4 to output in 16-235 instead of 0-255, because I've seen this effect in every game that's been released.

But of course as we all know the Xbone looks even worse. I'd feel bad for them but they knew what they were buying, so I wont. lol.

It really sucks knowing that another generation of games will be held back by money grubbing console makers. If both consoles had powerful GPU's in them, but cost $599 each... I guarantee they would have sold just as many systems. And everyone would be happier too.

orionone3173d ago

AndrewLB, you can set the output to full 0-255 in the video output options on the PS4.

Neonridr3173d ago

@thorstein - the MLB issue wasn't resolved until about 3pm in the afternoon. The game was supposed to go live at midnight. No excuse for that. Not to mention Sony didn't even acknowledge the issue until 12 hours after the problem.

I thought they would have learned their lesson from these mishaps, clearly not.

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mezati993174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

XiSasukeUchiha strikes again...

SaffronCurse3174d ago

We all secretly love Sasuke.

saladthieves3173d ago

Pretty much.

For some reason his comments just drive people nuts, on the simple precept that his comments, once read, cause a loss in braincells, and more trying to make sense of the words.

Activemessiah3173d ago

@egidem I don't think he does this intentionally.. it just comes naturally to him XD

choujij3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Ah, the UbiShaft.

Licensing issues on release day, for a game that was already delayed half a year. Mind blown.

Volkama3174d ago

I'm no fan of U-Play or any of Ubisoft's DRM efforts, but I don't think this one is their fault?

choujij3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )


They are the maker's of the game. The responsibility of having the game available on time for those gamers whose pre-order money they took, is their own.

In the real world, if I was contracted to perform your home renovations by May 27, and I failed to meet that deadline because one of the sub-trades I used (be it a plumber, kitchen manufacturer etc.) caused me to be late, it's still my responsibility.

Whatever the licensing issues are (assuming it's that), they were responsible for having it taken care of in time.

christian hour3174d ago


This one isn't on ubisoft, and nobodies money ahs been taken out of their accounts. Thats actually the problem, i dont think sony were prepared for the amount of digital pre-orders, whats happening is it's taking a long time to process everyones transaction. The fact peoples money ahsnt been taken yet, is the reason it says we have no license.

Personally, i cancelled my pre order earlier then purchased it from the store again, fixed the problem but i missed out on 2 pre order bonuses.

Volkama3174d ago

Choujij in your example ubisoft would be the contracted tradesman. Sony were the ones paid for the work/product. Or unable to sell that work, per what Christian said.

choujij3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )


How were you able to pre-order the game without paying a deposit?

If it's as simple as a PSN transaction problem, then it would mostly likely affect PS3 users as well.


Perhaps my analogy does not apply to the situation at hand. Sony did/does not pay UbiSoft to make the game. They're contracted for the license of being able to make the game for the PS4 and Sony receives a royalty.

"According to a huge thread on the official Ubisoft support forums, PS4 users, who pre-ordered the game digitally, weren’t able to access the game due to some licensing issue."

Unless I am misunderstanding the article, that can pertain to a number of things that fall under "licensing".

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D3ATH_DRIV3R_7773174d ago

I just don't understand you, i just don't.

OT why is it causing controversy because ppl bought it off the ps store? omfg!

adorie3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

People usually pre-order a game to have it on release day, and, or have a guaranteed copy.

In this case, it could be both, but also factor in people buying it because they don't want to go into a store and hassle with the physical aspect of the buying process.

It doesn't matter who's fault it is, the problem here is that the whole purpose of pre-ordering digitally was defeated and needs to be fixed so that this doesn't happen again.

Sony needs to work closer with publishers so this doesn't happen again, in the future.

Gamer19823173d ago

People should have just bought one the Full HD gaming machine (also known as PC). Saves all these issues from happening. Enjoying the game at 1080p 60fps on my PC on high (same graphical fidelity as PS4).

Criti-Choco3173d ago

except that there are still UPlay issues for the pc version, and several other issues from what I hear.

Syntax-Error3173d ago

Isn't this to be expected from heavy traffic. How many people rushed to download this game after months of a gaming drought. This game is going to sell extremely well. This also shows why having a hard copy is still necessary even though digital purchasing is available

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incendy353174d ago

My digital experience with PSN on PS4 has been very mixed. No issues with Second Son but both MLB The Show and Transistor gave me problems to get downloaded and installed. Seems like they are going backwards.

AgentSmithPS43174d ago

I'm still annoyed that I can't pause big downloads, my internets can't handle it if I'm MP gaming at the same time...

djplonker3174d ago

Playing mp on my ps4 stops the download have a look mid-mp match and it shouldnt be downloading!

DarkZane3174d ago

Transistor was not gonna be released at midnight even for those who preordered.

incendy353174d ago

My issue with Transistor was not availability, but rather it failed the first 3 times I tried to download it which was very annoying.

DLConspiracy3174d ago

It seems whenever I try to mention the quality of XBL over PSN online infrastructure my claims get shot down as a "fanboy". Their are good qualities in each but PSN is just not there yet.

Regardless, it seems to be getting fixed. Hopefully with all of Sony's sales for ps4 we will start to see a change...

Immorals3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Ever since ps+ has been been consistently 'loaning' decent games, it's been seen as the better service.

Personally I think , if you ignore that, XBox live is still far ahead.

Silly gameAr3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Can you blame them Your comment sounds pretty fanboyish....

DLConspiracy3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

@Silly gameAr

If you say so. I kind of thought owning both was a step in the opposite direction. Turns out experience has no merit in these comments. I suggest trying it out for yourself and then get back to me. Unless you prefer assumptions. :)

GW2123173d ago

I'm a PS4 guy but I'll agree that XBL is still the better service. Sony is getting there but it just doesn't seem as fluid if that makes any sense.

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HeavenlySnipes3174d ago

Had no problems with Transistor, however, I purchased it from my laptop and had my PS4 download it on its own

On the linked article this comment:

"I managed to solve it by going to the SOnyEntertainment website and just download from there, I had it preordered but I was able to put it in my cart and "rebuy" it for 0.00 bucks and did the option to download directly to my PS4 and it worked, hope that helps some of you guys."

Implies that buying a game from the online store from a CPU and pressing "download to PS4/PS3" probably ensures nothing will go wrong I guess

GeraltofRivia3173d ago

i thought console gaming was flawless? i am in shock!

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Sm00thNinja3174d ago

PSn has been down for me almost 24 hrs maybe that's the issue?

Sm00thNinja3174d ago

Yea I've had a server maintenance notification since yesterday evening. My FF14 itch needs to be scratched

mr2333174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Just before seeing this I entered my code for pre-order content and received an error. I don't know if it will let me re-enter it when the system is fixed. Time will tell. Geez.

ZodTheRipper3174d ago

My experience with 5+ years of PSN is that nothing is ever lost, it just takes a bit when there are server issues or maintenance. Just be patient.

matrixman923174d ago

my download is just so damn slow for some reason. My ps4 is getting 20 mb/s speed. I left my download on over night and its not even halfway done

DevilishSix3174d ago

This is exactly why MS took so much flak for an always online system with the X1 reveal. We are years maybe a decade away from having the infrastructure and speed to have download only and always online with the consistent stability necessary.

Volkama3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

But he has a 20mb/s connection. What he is describing points squarely to a problem with Sony's infrastructure, not the year 2014 as a whole.

We all know the PS4 has been a huge success. Maybe Sony didn't anticipate the numbers, and it'll just take a little time for them to catch up to the demands.

More immediately, that demand will probably settle within a day or two. Not ideal, but not a disaster either.

HugoDrax3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

The difference is Microsoft is one of the largest computer/software corporations in the world. They have an amazing online infrastructure, thus why all of my XB1 saved files are stored on the cloud. Yet every time I turn on my PS4, I have notifications stating that my (Second Son, Stick It To the man data could not be saved. Because the same file was saved from another PS4. What the hell, unless the notifications are referring to me playing remote play on my vita? Anyhow it's annoying, and I'm not sure why the notifications are there as I only have 1 PS4 console.

This is also why I will always be skeptical of PSNOW :-/. If Sony can't get the minor things in order, how will their online infrastructure function for an online streaming service? Although, I never encounter any problems when I download majority of my VITA games digitally though...

Admiratio3174d ago

@HugoDrax do you perhaps have a non-static IP address? One in which you obtain a new IP every time you connect to the internet or use a hotspot of any kind? If any of these are a yes, then it's possible PSN is seeing your PS4 from a different location each time you login or the system saves data to the cloud.

~Just a thought

DevilishSix3174d ago

So what if he has 20/mb speed, I have 50/mb speed with an extreme gaming router and still have connection issues on a regular basis. Lots of things effect it from customer to provider to source (psn or xbl) alot can effect the stability and reliability.

I still stand by my statement, we are years away from having the proper infrastructure in place for always online consoles.

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Gemmol3174d ago

This why I like that Nintendo use flash memory for Wii U, people complain its small, but games on the Wii au download much faster then anything Sony in my house. This is what I do to have fast speeds, I disconnect my hard drive fRom the Wii U then I download the game to the Wii U system, then I connect the hard drive back to the Wii U and transfer the game to the Hard drive, all of this take way less time then downloading one game on ps3/ps4.....i would of love if Xbox one and ps4 use flash memory so I can transfer the files to the hard drive it would of saved so much time, but I bet I get disagrees for wanting faster downloads

805Junior8053174d ago

Because there aren't potentially x amount of million people trying to download it at the same time.

Volkama3174d ago

For what you say to make any sense the write speed of the drive would have to be slower than your connection. It isn't, so save yourself some hassle and just download straight to the drive.

Gemmol3174d ago

Stop making excuses why wouldn't flash memory be better, why you think they cost so much

Ripsta7th3174d ago

HugoDrax- I fell you. Everyday I turn my ps4 on I get these notifications from BF4 so every time I go into a match I have to set up my kits and vehicle stuff all over . its annoying as hell

Clown_Syndr0me3173d ago

I have 100mb internet, all the correct ports forwarded etc, yet my PS4 still only has 35-40mb download.
Its on their end.

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