Watch Dogs vs Real Life Chicago Comparison Screens: Astonishing Replica Of Real World In Video Games

Here are some amazing comparison screenshots between Real Life Chicago Location vs Watch Dogs Locations. The development deserve a pat on their back for the amazing work.

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CBOAT1659d ago

Game look more like Cleveland

allgamespc20121658d ago

lol it looks ok but not even close. maybe if it was a true next gen game, but since its limited, its nowhere near. gta iv had a better new york than watch dogs has a better chicago, and i hate gta.

skydragoonity1658d ago

Not perfect, not great, just OK

erod1881658d ago

Too bad if you live in Chicago it will be a mission in itself to easily find these places. The map is nothing like the real thing. Chicago has a simple grid system is kinda annoying I know they can't make am exact replica but they sure can put things in the right place

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