Review of League of Legends - GameZomg

The multiplayer games that seem to stick so well are the ones that may often frustrate the player frequently, yet still entice the player to go back online and play again. Something about the game draws the player back, with them knowing full well about the frustration and anger they felt in the past as a result of failure while playing.

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G-Shock Unveils $1,100 League of Legends Watch

G-Shock has unveiled a $1,100 limited edition League of Legends themed watch, available to purchase from 3rd October 2023.


LEC Announces New Regulations to Limit Top Player Salaries

ESTNN writes: "The new LEC Sporting Financial Regulations will set a threshold for the sum of the highest-earning players in each team. Here's what the SFR does."


Prime Gaming Reveals October 2023 Offerings

Prime Gaming October Content Update: Ghostwire: Tokyo, GRUNND, Content for Dead by Daylight, Diablo IV and More

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