Dead Space: Does the Sci-Fi Survival Horror Franchise Have a Future

*Author’s Note: This column features spoilers to Dead Space 3 and Dead Space: Awakened.* |

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-Foxtrot2202d ago

I think they've ruined the story with the third one and the direction of the game.

I like Dead Space but I don't know what they should do now.

Theres so many better directions Dead Space 3 could of went after Dead Space 2s ending.

JohnathanACE2202d ago

They could always start over with a new character and new story (though I would miss Isaac). I really don't want to see Dead Space go but for some reason EA seems to want to be done with it. Was Dead Space 3 as bad as people say it was? I bought it for $10 and haven't played it yet.

-Foxtrot2202d ago

That's the thing though if they decide to reboot it and start over then everything they built up in the first game is gone. Even Isaac as a character we be scrapped.

They could start again and set it on the Issimura with a similar a reboot/retelling.

Isaac would be able to talk in the game making it seem very different from the first one where he couldn't.

Dirtnapstor2202d ago

DS3 was an enjoyable game for what it was. DS2 was a nice blend. The first installment was the best, that's the direction Visceral needs to take with the fourth.

-Foxtrot2202d ago


Problem is they've scared too many DS players off with the third one. I know many, including myself who loved the first two games but never bought the third game.

If they do a forth one to continue the ruined story most gamers won't have a clue what's going on.

ziggurcat2202d ago


They need to bring it back to being a creepy, solitary game.

tigertron2202d ago

It wasn't the story I had a problem with, it was the lack of horror...though I did enjoy playing co-op and crafting new weapons was cool.

Zefros2202d ago

lol they can still continue the story from 3, but go back to what made the first 2 great.

jspillen2202d ago

The article makes me excited for a Dead Space 4 made by a different developer.

colonel1792202d ago

It has a future, but greedy publishers insist on ruining the games by adding more action every time.

Dead Space was considered one of the best survival horror games, but EA wanted to go after COD players, destroying the franchise in the process.

Why can't games have their own identity? Why does a game have to be like another? Killzone for example, was its own game, but now it's just another COD wannabe. Reviews always compare one game to another. While it's fine that a game borrows something from a game, it doesn't have and it will never be the same game.

The same thing with the movies. Harry Potter was successful, and now every movie has to be about a series of books. The Lord of the Rings was successful and now every movie has to be a trilogy; Harry Potter divided the last part, and now every movie has to dive the last part.

Everybody tries to copy everybody! Where is the innovation?

(Sorry I went off topic), but still, the reason why Resident Evil and Dead Space were ruined, was because they wanted to make as much money as COD when they knew they couldn't.

ZeroChaos2202d ago

I don't know why people keep putting this game down except EA's microtransactions.

I think this is the only direction the series could go with Issac without bring in another character. We know how to take them down, we have the weapons and the know how, there wasn't much way to go in the series except turn it into a shooter and lose some of the survival horror.

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The story is too old to be commented.