PlayStation Plus Update 5/27/2014 - Limbo Free for Members

Posted by Kristine Steimer on May 26, 2014 // Sr. Community Specialist

I’ll be honest with you, in general I won’t play creepy/horror games because I’m a total wuss and they give me nightmares.

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admiralvic3169d ago

I got to say, I am shocked there aren't more comments. I mean, it's looking like the Uncharted / LBP Karting are getting replaced, plus two PlayStation 4 games, yet no one seems to have anything to say about it. @[email protected]

Ripsta7th3168d ago

Well I'd say download them before its too late

admiralvic3168d ago

No doubt. You should download anything and everything free with Plus, since you never know when you might want to play down the road or how it will impact you in the future*.

* Dead Nation from the Welcome Back promo gave the Vita version. GoW Collection that was accidentally free gave the Vita version. WipEout HD gave the Vita version DLC and the free copy of Fury from Welcome Back gave the Vita DLC too.

mikeslemonade3168d ago

Kart and U3 were nothing special. Plus they have been on there for a while especially U3. I agree that should be newsworthy but it should garner very little hype.

On topic: I guess Sony wants us to buy games. Limbo has been around a while a lot of people have played it. It's a good game if you haven't played it.

jackanderson19853169d ago

anyone know when the euro PS+ stuff gets announced? don't really keep track of the announcement ala PS+

oO_bizkitz_Oo3169d ago

What are the free ps4 games I did not see them listed.

DualWielding3169d ago

I wonder what they are going to replace Resogun with

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