Watch Dogs PC Ver. Pre-Order Deals: Now 25% Off

GameBreakerTV - "If you’re looking to pick up next week Tuesday’s release Watch Dogs, there’s some solid pre-order deals floating around. For PC the best discount we’ve seen is at GMG, beating out other retailers by a couple of bucks. In Europe, there’s also a pre-order €10 instant savings discount + a stacking 25% off coupon/voucher code slashing 38% off the list price for the standard edition of the game. Yep - you’ll still have to deal with the crummy regional pricing but that’s how game retailing work these days."


Updated, Now only 20% Off!

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brich2332671d ago

There is no reason to pay full price on PC anymore when we got deals like this.

thekhurg2671d ago

If you can gamefly the PC version, do that instead. The driving in this game is absolutely horrible - thank God this wasn't a launch title cause I had it pre-ordered before the delay. Saved me $60 for a piece of crap.

chizzy2012671d ago

just been on the ubisoft forums for watchdogs pc ,and people are far from happy with this game. im having more fun reading that than playing WD

gamernova2671d ago

Got it for 40. The driving is terrible but it's lots of fun and not as simple as I thought.