EDGE: MGS4 Review 8/10 (Scans)

Click below for scans of EDGE's controversial 8/10 review of Metal Gear Solid 4. Page 1 is linked and Page 2 has been added as an alternative source.

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pharmd4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

wow.... and they gave GTA4 a 10/10?

are you kidding me?

Violater4215d ago

wow just wow, thats it I'm out before the sh!tstorm starts.

el_bandito4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

Bad reviews, low scores, or whatsoever. They won't stop me from getting the game day 1.

Time Lord4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

Bishock and gear of war got 8, Mario Kart got SIXfrom Edge! So to fan this mean jack S..t

Fishy Fingers4215d ago

To everyone says... "they gave GTA 10/10 ZOMG!!!" Remember that they have played both GTA and MGS, have you?

While I'm super hyped for MGS, slagging off a reviewer that's played the game when you have NOT is ridiculous.

It's opinion... nothing more.

CrazzyMan4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

MGS4 - 8
GRID - 9
MGS4 - 8
GRID - 9

GRID brings more to a genre, then MGS4? LOL.

MGS 2 - 8
MGS 3 - 8

pharmd4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

yeah, you make a good point, my whole thing is... i didnt think GTA4 deserved a 10/10 so....

a. i question their cred as compared to my own opinion

b. i just cant fathom Kojima making something worse than GTA4


Violater4215d ago

looks like I need to go back and play grid.

Alcohog4215d ago

Its Edge, they are a joke!

Fishy Fingers4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

Well there's the opinion.

After you have played both, and you give GTA 8/10 and MGS 10/10 will that make you right and EDGE wrong? Nope, that's just your opinion and at the end of the day, it is only your opinion that should truly hold weight with you.

Edge have always been harsh and hard to please, that's why I like them, because they don't buy into hype. But regarding scores, some of my favorite games have been canned by the reviewers, I don't care, give it 5/10 or give it 10/10, doesn't effect what you get in the box.

MGS4 has been made for the fans, not everyone's going to like that, but fans will love it.

@Superfragilistic, Thank You :)

Superfragilistic4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

I agree wholeheartedly.

You deserves bubbles for a reasoned and sensible argument. If I could give you more I would. :)

AllroundGamer4215d ago

whoever pays the reviewers more - wins, don't you know that?

HighDefinition4215d ago

10 for GTAIV
9 for GRID

From edge is rubbish.

8 from EDGE seems realistic, considering normally a 8 from them is a 11 from someone else.

theKiller4215d ago

Reviews have changed. ID-tagged journalists carry ID-tagged websites, use ID-tagged review scores. Illogical opinions inside their minds enhance and regulate their actions

LastDance4215d ago

this is what happens when they dont buy out reviews....another gaming trait the east is yet to pick up...

callahan094215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

Yeah all these "critics" who give a game like MGS an 8 are a bunch of ignoramuses (ignorami?). Game development is a high-risk business, criticism is extremely low-risk. The people who poured their hearts & souls into making MGS 4 a competent game that runs smooth and is fun to play, the powerful & creative minds who invented this story and tell it with such cinematic flair... these people are the real heroes of our industry. The critics who undermine their creativity and efforts are just jealous weaklings. They exercise all the creativity of a rat, if that much.

I find it personally offensive how they mistreat the fruits of these brilliant peoples' labor. MGS4 has had more put into it than any game coming out this year, with a deeper and more meaningful story and running on an incredible technology that never slows down and always looks pretty. It's a fun game with high replay value. These critics need to learn to appreciate the efforts of their biological superiors (and by that I don't mean Japanese versus European... I mean literally that the folks who developed this game have powerful, intelligent, intuitive creative minds the likes of which these critics couldn't even dream of having)

4214d ago
Gamingisfornerds4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

It's nice to see some gamers in here with a common sense of reality.

@kindi_boy, lol...that's just pathetic, seriously.

I see people from all sides whining about reviews. And it always boils down to the same thing, whichever "camp" you're on:

If the review score doesn't match your expectations, the reviewer/reviewing site is rubbish and are biased/payed off. Once the score does meet your expectations, they're the holy grail of reviewers!

I'm not a MGS4 fan and am not impressed with what I've seen of this game so far, not one bit. Perhaps I decided to play it anyway and came to the conclusion that I recognize the quality present in the game, but just didn't enjoy it. In that case I could give it an 8. I'm I wrong then? Should I give it a 10 because others do enjoy it a lot? No. It's my opinion and that's all that matters.

PistolPumptMonk4214d ago

HA totally just made my day. best comment ever.

theKiller4214d ago

REVIEWS is not based on personal opinions!!!

it should be professional, the game should get scores based on these aspects

1: graphics
2: gameplay for its genre (whether u like that genre or not it should not effect the review)
3: sound(the soundtracks that used int he game and soud effect)
4: duration
5: value(whether u can play it again again and still enjoy it, and if it has online feature)

based on those aspects a person should give a professional review, if u did like violence does that give u the right to give GTA4 1/10?? i think my point is clear!

Gamingisfornerds4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

You can review a game by set aspects, but even then the score can differ greatly from review to review.

Graphics is highly subjective. One game can have all the technical bla bla, but may have horrible art-direction and design. Should the reviewer then just say: It has that much AA, good AF and high draw distance and give it a 10? That's just silly.

2 different reviewers can for instance point out 5 aspects of a game in their review. But one reviewer will put more weight into one aspect than the other. One might think graphics are more important than the other. Another reviewer might think story is where it's all at. I myself almost always agree with reviews. I mostly agree with their points and arguments in their reviews. Except, I often totally disagree with the score...see where I'm getting at?

You see, it doesn't make sense to go by each and every aspect of a game and determine the score by the sum of those parts. It's about the overal know? I think that's something gamers tend to forget, expecially this generation. It's all about "my d*ck is bigger than yours" and completely overlooking what games are all about in the end.

illizit4214d ago

@fishy fingers
If they didn't buy into the hype, then why did they give GTA IV a 10/10? IMO, NO GAME should EVER get a 10/10 unless its absolutely perfect. GTA IV is not one of those games; it's not perfect. It has bugs, etc. It has been the best game this year however it still doesn't make it perfect nor a 10/10.

LJWooly4214d ago

This is the same EDGE that gave Halo 3 10/10. Hard to please, my arse.

theKiller4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

yes the story should be included i forgot that one

let me repeat but more detailed this time

1: graphics (it should include the animation, art, framerate and the most important thing is they should always judge it by the the system has to offer and what the maximum graphics achievement in that particular system, if it pushes the limits of the graphics for its time then it should get 10/10, e.g. gears of war 1 pushed the limit at that time so it deserves a 10/10 in graphics, but if
gears of war 2 has the same graphics as GOW1 then it should get 9/10 because there is other games that is better, graphics should always be compared to what the best graphical games out in the market of that specific console)
2: story line
3: gameplay for its genre (whether u like that genre or not it should not effect the review)
4: sound(the soundtracks that used int he game and soud effect)
5: duration
6: value(whether u can play it again again and still enjoy it, and if it has online feature)

the different in opinion should be so huge between professional reviewer if all reviewers take out their preferences and stick to the rule.

they can have their own view on some points which r the following-

1: art of the game
2: the sound track, they might not like it
3: the story
4: and gameplay

so the different in those 4 point and the above 1 to 6 rules, it shouldn't make a review give a game 10/10 and the other 8/10, this is a huge difference, its a difference from a AAA title and an epic game to and average good game!! i agree that there is no perfect games but if someone will get a 10/10 like GTA4 then MGS4 deserves it more!!

vickers5004214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )


Hey, you stole krackchaps comment.

JD_Shadow4214d ago

How do you figure that MGS4 got more hype than GTA4? GTA4 had the entire DLC argument attached to it and Microsoft wouldn't shut up about it. It had ALL news outlets talking about EVERYTHING about GTA4.

Has anyone done THAT kind of thing with MGS4 just yet. Yeah, it's being hyped, but not as much as GTA4 was. So your argument fails, and how Superfrag could blindly think that was a good argument is beyond me.


We all know MGS is a love or hate case.

Some people hate the long cutscenes, the stealth gameplay (you can't just go out of cover shooting without die sometimes...) while many others just love all of it.

I can understand people that like more GTA than this, so for one side I can understand those rates. But, looking for the other way, they should make the review showing the qualities of the game, not their personal opnion.

Said that, I don't have read. I can't say if they made a good or a bad review without reading it... The rate? It's just opnion, taste, personal.

Mark 14214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

Be happy that EDGE gave it an 8. I would have given a 5 for the cutscenes, framerate and load times.

JD_Shadow4214d ago've already played the entire game before it comes out on June 12th? Wow, Kojima must've been EXTRA nice to you!

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heyheyhey4215d ago

OMG, is there ANY game that pleases EDGE?

these fools and Microsoftgamer are going to look so moronic standing next to all the 95+ reviews

resistance1004215d ago

Give Edge a Zelda game and they are happy lol.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

Halo 3 and GTA IV

Bioshock - 8
GeoW - 8
GoW - 8
MGS4 - 8

Then, Halo 3 and GTA IV - 10. When all above games are x20 times better

ice_prophecy4215d ago

I am re-posting what I did in News Zone

"Eurogamer contributors include PC Gamer, Games TM and Edge magazine writers such as Oliver Welsh (Edge), Kieron Gillen (PC Gamer/ Edge), Jim Rossignol (PC Gamer/ Edge), John Walker (PC Gamer), Simon Parkin (Edge), Alec Meer (PC Gamer), Richard Leadbetter (Mean Machines), Dan Whitehead, Keza MacDonald (Games TM), and David McCarthy (Edge, MCV), as well as former editor Rob Fahey. Additionally, a number of regular contributors to the site write under pseudonyms (such as Egon Superb)."

credit goes to Euphrate for prompting me to look it up.

Aquanox4214d ago

Another 8/10.

Lets see what Gamespot has to say. I trust their reviews the most. For good and bad.

Mr PS34214d ago

They renamed thier site's to
EuroBots and Edgebox

God Damn BABOONS wouldn't know a Class game if one bit them in thier Stupid Retarded Xbot Ass

Not that GTA4 aint a class game and Halo 3 is as good as its get's on the 3 dollar's 60 and we all know how crap that game is !!!!

The fact alone that this game cant be done on the 360 is proof enough that this is a true next gen game and a benchmark for years to come and should not score less than a 9.5 on any site regardless of them being Jealous sore assed bots

But any site that does not put MGS4 in the same league as these game's are proving them selves to be very unprofessional hater's and have absolutely no clue what a class game is and like some of the BOT'S on here are really pissed in the knowledge that this game is Exclusive to the PS3 and is Impossible for the 360 and they also know that it's over for the Old Grey Xbox 3 dollar's 60

Well all i can say is

Suck it up BOT'S
It's gonna get a whole lot worse for the bots in the coming years !! The PS3 is just kicking off

So Eurobots and Edgebox you can Give all the forthcoming Exclusive's for the PS3 such as R2,Killzone and Grand Theft Auto 5 a big fat 8 it don't bother us
The PS3 owner's know what class is (That's why we bought a PS3)
And your Review's that aint worth a Damm won't stop the Mighty PS3

Just be honored that you got to play MGS4 you worthless piece's of BABOON CRAP

LenHart4214d ago

Gayspot and 1up are ttypical MS dicriding TARDS

MGS2 and MGS3 got the same score as MGS4 from EDGE

No one trusts GAYSPOT

MGS4 will be getting 10 from most websites

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LeSouteneur4215d ago

I felt none of their scores ever factored in how I liked the game. Bioshock and Gears of War an 8, while Halo 3 and GRiD get 9s and 10s.\

Still, don't be discouraged, EDGE usually gives out the lowest score a game can get (Check out gamerankings, edge is normally found at the very bottom of a game). Bioshock had an 8, yet its average is still one of the highest any game could have

solidt124215d ago

Yeah that's just Crazy. They gave Gears and Halo 3 a 8 but a Racing game a 9. I wonder what they gave GT5 Prologue?

morganfell4215d ago

who is discouraged? look what i had to say about ng2. mgs4 is not a mainstream game. it has had mainstream press but it is still a game, as has been repeatedly stated by kojima, made for the mgs fans. i am proud to say it is my favorite series. i did not be come a fan in the past 6 months. i am not a rpg gamer that is going to try it. i have been a gear head since 1987.

i have a hard time buying into a review and the first thing i see is the fact the release date in the article is the 16th. if you can't get a fact straight how can i trust your opinion.

regardless as a gear head i am far beyond the mere opinions of some rpg gamer writing a review in a booth half way round the world. this is what people do not get. as gear heads we could care less what some non gear head has to say about it. it isn't that i don't play rpgs. i have played a few. but gear heads know that the mg series is a genre unto itself and you either get it or you do not.

if you think people laugh at gear heads then you have no idea the ridicule and derision they have for people for whom the mg series is just quite beyond.

you can easily spot a gear head. when someone says 90 minute cutscene they say "great!"

LTC4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

I dont like Edge. There marks are so inconsitent. They gave GTA4 and Halo 3 10 when both these games dont deserve more than 7. They also gave GEOW and Bioshock 8 when these games deserve at least a 9. And Grid 9? WTF

LenHart4214d ago

from EDGE

EDGE gave MGS2 and MGS3 an 8/10 too

so nothing unusual from these SONY haters

ThatCanadianGuy4214d ago

Thats why i dont really pay attention to these ranking site's and statistics,hell,if i like the game.I like it.i dont need some overpaid deushbag to tell me if it's good or not based on HIS opinion.

Same goes to those movie & resturant critics

Didnt i read somewhere a year back that assasins creed got like a 9.somthing? one of the most boring game's i've ever played..

ape0074215d ago

this is a complete consparacy against the ps3,no other way to figure this out

urban bohemian4215d ago

Gears of war got the same score. We'll have to wait and play it before we can decide how good it is mate.

ape0074214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

do think that gears of war can touch mgs

I know gears of war is great but nothing can beat the boss.

Area_514214d ago

i'm telling you -2 off the top for not being on the 3fixme
there is so much corruption in gaming buisness right now, it makes me sick to the stomach.

SteveUrkel4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

this is the same score they gave other MGS games in the past! not corruption/conspiracy; freedom of expressing opinion! can you honestly claim corruption when they have a history of rating the series as an 8? if you're a fan of the series its a 10/10 and day one buy already. screw the reviews : )

ape0074214d ago

reviews should be a product review not an opinion review,the word review doesn't mean an opinion,it means how good is the product,for example:graphics quality,story,gameplay,lengh,o nline mode,any bugs,framerate issues,replay value,etc....

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