Screenshot contest: Crysis versus Reality

Is it possible to build real life pictures with the Crysis engine Cryengine 2? A nice to watch screenshot contest in the crymod forums is worth a look. PCGH covers the best submissions so far.

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fishd5604d ago

Waiting For Heavy Rain Vs Reality.

Ali_The_Brit5604d ago

agreed, some of them i would swear to be real if i didnt know any better, i mean jesus!. i hope this game comes out on consoles

ShiftyLookingCow5604d ago

Jesus has answered your prayers.


Now be a good boy and go to church.

pwnsause5604d ago


jspc19895604d ago

for the most part i thought they were very close lol. even maybe a bit to close. just makes me wonder what the next innovation in gaming will be, i mean next gen cant just be about better graphics becus once you reach life like looking theres not much more you can do in that department is there.

peace out x jc x

jadenkorri5603d ago

better graphics get, better a 3D artist has too

liquidsnake5604d ago

It's actually not that far from reality. Wired, back in the late 80's when I was playing NES I could never dream of graphics like this.