Will Saints Row 2 beat GTA IV ? THQ explains why SR2 delayed + New Trailer Coming

THQ Moderator, V-Collison: Hey all,

I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know what's going on with Saints Row 2.

First off, as many of you have seen, we have moved the release date back from August 26th to October 14th. I know, I know...its got to be a bummer for a lot of you wanting to get your hands on SR2, but we want to give you the best quality game possible. Single-player, co-op, and multiplayer have all undergone multiple iterations and polish; and now we have even more time to tweak and balance gameplay. Its a designer's dream come true.

We are also already weeks into our graphics "polish" stage. The world is starting to look absolutely amazing! We're extremely grateful that THQ sees how amazing this game is going to be and is willing to give us these extra few weeks to make sure we give you the highest quality product (and not rush anything out of the door).

Look for an exciting (and controversial) video to hit the web late next week. We also should have some new screenshots and articles accompanying this release.

We know what the quality bar is for open world games and we look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations come October 14th! More info coming soon

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Hydrolex5660d ago (Edited 5660d ago )

The answer is YES ! Saints Row 2 can easily beat GTA IV.

Example: Your father is 6'2''. You are his son ! Can't you be taller than your father ? Yes and maybe NOT !

SR2 looks promising

Hydrolex5660d ago

Haha, yes, 7 weeks is plenty of time.

Unlike GTA4, this is our second go around. We understand the technology. We just figure that if we only need 7 weeks to go from great to excellent, we might as well give you all the game you want and we want.

Some of the few additions I'm looking forward to:

When you walk by a Freckle B!tches or Company of Gyros, would you rather 1) shoot at it with a rocket launcher and have nothing happen...or 2) see the sign, giant burgers, lights, etc. go flying into the streets and take out on-coming traffic? We want to make nearly every prop, sign, billboard, gravestone, barrel, etc. destructible. What fun is an open-world game if you can't walk around with satchel charges and a rocket launcher and blow everything up?

We want to add even more clothing options, animations, cars, explosions, and over-the-top fun to the game. Now we get the time to do so.

I know its tough to believe a developer because you don't see what I see on a daily basis, but you're going to love what you're getting from these additional 7 weeks.

MURKERR5660d ago

obviously they played gta and went back to the drawing board

Fallen_Angel5660d ago

This is their 2nd time doing online so I think it might have better online then gta 4. Gta is a blast but you can also see where its 1st gen. There are so many things they could add and fix from gameplay to the interface and the lobbies. Hopefully SR2 will be more polished

TrevorPhillips5660d ago

No nothing can beat GTA games there the best at these kind of genres Saints row is just a copy cat if it wasn't of GTA they would of not made saints row

Hydrolex5660d ago

well, which one is better?

Boeing 747 or Wright's airplanes ?

Boeing 747 is a clone too but it's more successful

crck5660d ago

And after everyone hyped GTA 4 to be so much better I thought it would be since the last GTA game I played was GTA 3. While GTA 4 is better then Saints Row. Its not vastly superior. Graphics are better, there is more mission variety and slightly better story thats about it. IMO Saints Row 2 can be better then GTA 4 and it won't take that much. Just because Rockstar was first doesn't mean they will always be the best.

Mikelarry5660d ago (Edited 5660d ago )

what anyone one says i have played gta4 three times and im already bored out of my skull.im thinking of putting it on ebay to sell it. no need to get agree fans. this game is not for everyone.yes saints row copied gta but hey i like it

poos35660d ago


AngryTypingGuy5660d ago

So did Eurogamer. It's currently at 94.2% at gamerankings.com, which is still an amazing score.

It's probably not going to score as high as predicted, but it will still be a great buy for the PS3ers out there.

MK_Red5660d ago

lol... Saints Row 2 can't beat anything. It was already going to become one of the worst games of 2008 but at least with the delay they may turn it to something decent. If you want proof, just check EDGE's pre-release preview.

UziSuicide5660d ago

EDGE said that Haze looked promising last month in a preview...

I don't know why people hold the mag in such high regard, they make mistakes like everyone else.

MK_Red5660d ago

I'm actually an EDGE hater and don't respect them much and as you said, they posted a positive preview of Haze not long ago. If their preview of SR2 was negative, imagine how horrible the game was!