The Top 10 Games We Want Localized

Hardcore Gamer: Today we are taking a look at the ten games we want localized more than any others. We've covered the gamut on this one, pulling from the 3DS, Vita, PC and PS3 libraries, to ensure that no one system is left out.

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ValKilmer2468d ago

I would *literally* kill for just one of these to be localized.

Feriku2468d ago

Gyakuten Kenji 2 is still top on my list, but I'd love to see these localized, too (especially Yokai Watch).

RandomGamer2468d ago

I want Shining Resonance, Final Fantasy Type-0 and Yakuza 5 for damn sure .

Drives me crazy I have Yakuza 1-4 and Dead Souls ... I need Yakuza 5 so bad .

3-4-52468d ago

solid list.

* Dragon Quest 7
* Fantasy Life: Link

colonel1792468d ago

It's really depressing that we are in 2014, and we still don't get games localized. I know there are many games that are very region oriented, and wouldn't sell in other countries, but for example, Final Fantasy Type 0, it's a game that has worldwide appeal because the franchise is popular worldwide, yet, Square Enix decide not to localize it.

I get why in the SNES or N64 era was harder to localize games, but in this day people voice what they want over the internet. People have been asking for some games and they still don't bring them overseas.

Japan is in weird place with gaming, they want to make games as if they were made in the US to appeal more people, but they don't realize that people want Japanese games to be Japanese, not Westernized, and the reason Japan games declined was for that exact reason.

At least it seems that this generation things will be back to normal, and offer more Japanse-Japanese games.

SegaGamer2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

It just shows what we are missing out on. Not localising games is just sad and we are never told why these games aren't localised, we just get ignored.

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The story is too old to be commented.