Games We Wish We Could Forget

Karl Dodds, Brian O'Donnell, Buddy Acker, and Karam Elahi from SpawnFirst write up about some gaming experiences that they'd rather forget: "As gamers, we generally like to experiment. Whether it be impulse buying a game you know nothing about because you saw it in your local game shop and it caught your eye, or, playing a game critically praised you just can’t get along with, we’ve all experienced these personal duds. So in the same vein as our last feature, I threw this question out to some of the SpawnStaff team: What is a game you wish you could erase from your memory for good?"

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jmac531610d ago

Speaking of Homefront, shouldn't we be seeing the sequel from Crytek soon?

deathtok1610d ago

The Matrix: Path of Neo.

Horrible. Just horrible.

Razputin1610d ago

Dude, that game was amazing, the story was odd, but the combat was wonkily amazing.

It was like a really really early alpha build of what Batman's free flow combat would end up being.

deathtok1610d ago

Sorry! I meant 'Enter the Matrix'. I never played the follow-up.

snarls2001610d ago

thankfully i never played any on the list

SolidGear31610d ago

Well Homefront and Duke Nukem Forever were day one purchases. In fact, DNF was a preorder. I enjoyed both but Homefront could've been so much more. Hopefully they pull an Assassin's Creed with the sequel.

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