3DS Weekly Deals: Code of Princess/SMT Devil Summoner $15, SMT Devil Survivor Overclocked $20 & more

3DS deals and sales on eShop, Walmart, Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy and Cowboom.

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liamn2383d ago

Wow never seen Soul Hackers for $14.99 before.

jacobvogel2383d ago

Do Mario & Luigi Bundle come with both games?

Tom872383d ago

Includes a pre-installed digital copy of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

edgarohickman2383d ago

You are confused between Wii U and 3DS XL. 3DS XL only has Mario & Luigi: Dream Team on system.

andrewsimons2383d ago

Will Amazon price match Newegg? They have Kirby Triple Deluxe for $29.99

lebr0n2383d ago

Target or Best Buy will.
As long as you print out the NewEgg page or can show it to them on your phone I believe they will.

dannygamer2383d ago

When are they going to reduce Fire Emblem price to $30?

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