5 games you must play this week

Another bank holiday, another extra day to sit in front of your telly/iPad/monitor to play the latest games. It has been a big week for new releases, too with F1 2013 Complete Edition released just in time for the Monaco Grand Prix and the return of Wolfenstein after five years away.

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Yi-Long1607d ago

Might have considered picking up the complete edition of F1 2013, but I think I'll go with the sale on the EU PSN, where F1 2012 is 5 bucks or something...

user14394141607d ago

I recommend Watch Dogs on PS4 and Wolfenstein The New Order on PS4. #PS4LIFE

incendy351607d ago

If you haven't already gotten it, Super Time Force is my pick for game of the year so far.. so definitely that. And Child of Light is the second best game I have played this year, also a must have if you haven't played it.