Sony Partners with Shanghai Oriental Pearl to Launch Playstation in China

After Microsoft disclosed its plans to launche the Xbox One in China, Sony is following suit, having signed a deal with Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group, as it was announced today.

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TheNotoriousNiceGuy2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Some fans might not know China & Japan history

Abriael2517d ago

Most chinese youngsters (and especially gamers) really don't have much of a problem with Japanese products.

GribbleGrunger2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

I've given this a lot of thought ... but I'm beginning to wonder if Sony will actually have a much bigger chance in China than MS. We know the market is pretty new to them but the internet isn't and I'm certain all the negativity surrounding the XB1 will be widely known over their too. In fact MS might be launching themselves into a brick wall of public disapproval. We'll see. Either way, I feel as if Sony has a much better chance (as I said below) because they have three products that can be aimed at three demographics.

ZodTheRipper2517d ago

Chinese teenagers probably bear more grudges against american companies because of recent events (NSA, etc.) than against japanese for historical wars. But it doesn't matter, if they like a product they will buy it. And I can imagine China becoming a big market for home consoles in the next few years.

GribbleGrunger2517d ago

I'm wondering if Sony will actually release the PSP over there too. That would be a cheap alternative for the poorer sections of their country.

MasterCornholio2517d ago

Not to mention FTP games are extremely popular in China which is something that the PS4 excels in.

kanyewesting2517d ago

That's especially false, just recently Japanese products have had issues with sales due to a boycott. Only Japanese products that have done well are those which aren't known to be Japanese.

The Japanese-China ordeal is very real. Also, most savvy gamers are likely to be NBA fans in China thus they already have a love of America.

GameDev12517d ago

@Kanye westing

Of course there are issues of tensions with boycotting Japanese products no doubt

But its definitely not as bad

Read this article

"Liu and Yu claim that their store specializes in selling legitimate copies of games imported through the gray market and that they pretty much only sell PS3 games"

When it comes to gaming, they love to pirate but they also love their gaming, so PS software and consoles actually do well there even with some people boycotting

AliTheSnake12517d ago

Made in china. It says on my PS4.
Shouldn't be a problem.

Bereaver2517d ago

They don't have a problem with Japanese products but their parents still beat the mentality that Japanese are scum into their skull everyday.

It's amazing how many 5 or 6 year old's I've had in my classes that say they hate Japanese.

MightyNoX2517d ago

@gribble: about your psp comment, if you read the thread on Neogaf concerning this, you'd have seen a few Chinese posters commenting on the PSPs popularity in china.

rainslacker2516d ago

There's quite a lot of Japanese games released in Asia with the Chinese language. Lots of support from Japan, and while it hasn't been technically legal, it's not like people didn't play games there.

I would imagine that the Chinese people in general probably feel the same way about foreign products as American's feel about foreign products....which is to say it doesn't really matter at all. Country of origin is rarely a concern, it's more about if the product itself is appealing.

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Sethry1012517d ago

The every day buyer is not going to worry about some political history? They will buy a product if they like it.

GameDev12517d ago


Its not like tension between China and Japan hasn't caused some products for suffer like Japanese cars, but the tension is usually on and off again, hence the sales of Japanese cars are improving in China.

An article on Kotaku about pirating consoles in China showed that most of the rich kids in China own legit or pirated copies of PS3 and a very few own Xbox(info surprised me as i thought there would be more gaming on PC).

So yes there are likely tensions with some Japanese products or buisnesses in China, but most importantly they gain from each other economically in employment and production.

As far as Sony goes, they would have done their research so the PS4 can gain a lot of momentum there, I believe especially when partnering with Chinese companies

ThePope2517d ago

The tension between Japan and China is not history, it's going on as we speak. Google South China Sea.

GribbleGrunger2517d ago

This is very interesting news. I've always thought that Sony would struggle in China because of their less than friendly history but I'm not so certain it actually translates to 'products'. With three platforms of varying prices, Sony have a decent chance because they can market for different demographics.

joeorc2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Sony i think stands more of a chance than many people think, here is exactly why:


Sony infact has electronic component manuf, in China they have factories employing people of china and has for years! i do not get why this idea that Sony is following Microsoft even is a notion about release in china is even entertained, they were there years well in advance than Microsoft.

And has been employing people of china building electronic components too boot.

this is not just starting to open up dialogue, this is along the lines of they are already there not only putting people to work building electronics, but also this is not just one factory this is multiple factory's at that already there and has been for years.

hell in 1996 : Sony China established.

Beijing Suohong Electronics Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Suoguang Visual Products Co., Ltd

as a matter of fact Sony is not small investment into china and has been investing for quite some time!

following indeed..LMAO

monkeyDzoro2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

You mean like some people dropping atomic bombs in Japan and yet, Apple still sell their products like hotcakes there ?
That won't matter.

GribbleGrunger2517d ago

Yeah, I'd always maintained that Sony would struggle in China because of their history but many people on other forums have persuaded me otherwise with the exact same (but less overt) point.

morganfell2517d ago

"Some fans might not know China & Japan history"

And even more fans do not know the current status where the PS3 and PS4 is already selling there and openly on websites.


Type in PS3. Try PS4. Try Sony Vita. And that's just one site.

GribbleGrunger2517d ago

I'm not sure it was widely available to ALL of China though, and I'm sure more people will buy the product now that it's not breaking any laws over there.

morganfell2517d ago

The last I heard this internet thing is pretty big...

It is everywhere. After American McGee made his remarks I went and did a fair amount of digging. It is widespread. Naturally it doesn't cover large sections of China where they have barely functioning power. A great amount of China is still a third world country. Japanese products are not unpopular in those areas because of political, social, or historical reasons but rather because they lack application.

While Amazon China does not sell the PS4, they do sell the Vita and plenty of PS4 accessories. So do sites like dangdang. The point is the aversion mention by the OP doesn't exist on any scale among the demographic likely to buy a PS4.

maddskull2517d ago

see how many people reviewed and recieved ps4s and see how many people did the same thing to xboxone and they say xbox will do better there

morganfell2517d ago

You are completely missing the point madskull. Your remark clearly demonstrates for all to see that you had no grasp of the conversation at all. None. Zero. Zilch. Null. Nada. Nechevo. It went right over your head. Did you even bother to look at what was being discussed before your ego made you leap blind into this conversation?


Anyone with minimal comnprehension skills would have understood the nature of the debate. But you apparently either lack the reasoning skill or else you failed to read before you commented.

GribbleGrunger2517d ago

I've been reading a thread about this over at Gaf and one of the guys over there is Chinese. He's been saying that the media have blown the conflict between the countries out of all proportions, and that the 'middle class' Chinese have no problem with buying a Japanese product. He did say that there ARE pockets of society that still hold grudges but these are largely limited to the poorer regions.

morganfell2517d ago

I am familiar with that. To most people that have moved out of all but the most rural areas, matters such as the Nanking Massacre, commonly called the Rape of Nanking, is history and something with which they no longer concern themselves to any extent that it interferes in their buying choices.

Certainly there are some driven by either personal memory or an overblown sense of nationalism that are unable to forgive or forget such actions. And there might be something to that if Japan were still the country she was in WWII. But that is simply not the case and such beliefs are little more than lunacy harming those that harbor them the most.

The point behind all of this is that such history isn't going to have any noticeable impact as those that still hold onto that past are not individuals likely to be among the target buyers.

rainslacker2516d ago


From what I understand it is pretty widely available, and people know where to find them. The gov't just turns a blind eye to it, along with many other things.

The biggest advantage to the lifting of the ban is that the console manufacturers can now openly market their consoles, which will increase sales.

Price will probably go down for the consoles too, since there are no extra import fees to pay and there can be a more standardized pricing model, unless they go the UK route where MSRP is not routinely followed.

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mmc-0072517d ago

most people seems to forget that China doesn't like America aswell, just like all other countries don't like America..

Kribwalker2517d ago

China practically owns America with the amount of money the USA keeps borrowing from them. Why do you think the USA has never invaded or threatened to invade china over their lack of democracy like they have everywhere else in the world. If China were to call in their debt the USA would be screwed

GameDev12517d ago



Remember USA were also allies with Japan when invading America, so the Chinese might not have so much tension with USA as much as Japan, but the history is still there that some Chinese are anti western

trenso12517d ago

The fact that people like you think that this new generation in Japan and china actually care about historical wars in this day and age really shows how much you don't know. Most don't have any issues with each other in fact I've seen the different countries international students in my school conversisng with each other.

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mkis0072517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Move blocked...Everyone happy? not that it would have mattered anyway. Both console makers would have to create games specifically for the region...taking away resources from other regions.

Basically every game released would be banned in China.

rainslacker2516d ago

I have a feeling that the censorship related to game releases isn't going to be strictly upheld over the long term.

Many publishers around the world already release Asian versions of their games, often with the Chinese language, and importing is easy enough, so when the government sees it's losing money because people aren't buying as many games locally produced they'll change some things.

In any case, more often than not, localization is done by a 3rd party contractor, or through a special division of a publisher and it rarely takes away resources from the actual project. It's not going to affect you in any way, and is more a problem for the Chinese market, as they'll have to wait longer for games to be localized. No publisher is going to short change their initial markets for the sake of same day release in China. They don't do it now for Australia, and it has some pretty stringent rules for game ratings.

nevin12517d ago

The fight for China should be interesting.

joeorc2517d ago


"The fight for China should be interesting."

not really, much of a would be more like this

with Ken Norton being Sony there. the fact its not about Money , its more about Culture dynamics about all this time since the late 70's to the early 90's all that time Sony has invested very heavy into china not just social culture but also financial culture of china as well.

That is going to be a hard test for Microsoft to overcome there because Sony's had decades of of an advantage there of investmernt's of not just social but the investment into the people of china for employment and increasing investment of funds into China's market.

RiPPn2517d ago

But.. but.. China was Microsofts ace to get back into this generation.. <sad face>

sic_chops2517d ago

They need to make sure that they come in lower in price than microshaft. I think they wouldn't have a problem doing that.

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