Microtransactions + Virtual Currencies + Children = Fraud

Most casinos pump oxygen into their halls while offering free drinks to their patrons in an effort to keep gamblers both tipsy and alert, the ideal mental state for gambling or rather losing money. Pay to win games employs a similar sleight of hand in the way they price and implement virtual currencies that is every bit as lucrative and manipulative.

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3-4-51607d ago

Do these parents give their credit cards and let them run loose at Toys R US as well ?

Didn't think so.

Don't let kids use your card.

But yea it is still kind of shady.

JOEgolferG1606d ago

Mobile game's don't require card detail's mate.

HardcoreDroid1607d ago

Please do sign the boycott petition applet, included at the bottom of the article.

hkgamer1607d ago

agree and disagree.
allowing your kids to have access to spending money on ipads and tablets is stupid. just imagine giving a girl a platinum credit card for her shopping.

all i am saying is that some people need to be responsible for restricting their account somthat a password is needed for every expenditure..

also you need to teach kids the concept of money, though digital money to virtual money to virtual stamina/gems can be a really hard concept. not as easy to teach as it was to tteach them how much an apple cost.

HarryMasonHerpderp1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

I agree with everything you said, but I still think it's an awful manipulative scheme that these company's should be ashamed of. Yes parents should wise up and be more responsible but the company's doing this should have a bit more pride about themselves instead of using these tactics to rip people off.

ajaxmoroni1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Dumb parents are only the problem if you live in the dumb parents' household. For the rest of us, the IAPs that caused them to get ripped are ruining the games they are in. And that's just one of many issues. That's why signing the boycott makes sense.

TheSaint1606d ago

This, if people controlled their children better this wouldn't even be a thing.

A lot of parents these days just don't give a f***.

ravinash1606d ago

Part of the problem is a lot of the parents don't understand the concept them selves until they see a massive credit card bill and the end of the month.

safirerings1607d ago

Not every IAP is evil and scammy, but preying on young children definitely is!