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Despite all the problems I faced in Drakengard 3, I still had a blast with it. It’s like a normal toy that became rare through a defect. On the surface, it’s ugly and unbecoming. Once you dig deeper, you find that it’s one of a kind.

Drakengard 3 may be a game that shouldn’t exist, but I’m sure glad it does…

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evileyevileye1612d ago

How does the combat feel, compared to other games of a similar genre and category?

R6ex1612d ago

I like the humor best. Great sound effects (screaming Intoners) and cloth physics. Sweet characters who are unique. Gameplay feels generic hack & slash, and the animation of the Zero seems too fast for me (can't see the transition between stances clearly). I enjoyed the dark story and atmosphere of Nier and its no surprise I liked Drakengard 3 as well. However, PS3 feels so last gen now. The textures and graphical details are so jarring (I'm too used to 1080p60fps on PC). Thus, I do not feel it is worth the full price now. It'll be a fun discounted title though.

Inception1612d ago

It's not PS3 fault. SE only gave small budgets for Access Games. If Acess Games have more budget than i'm sure they can make Drakengard 3 graphics as good as FF XIII.

EverydayGuy1612d ago

But that would make Drakengard better than FF 13