This New EB Games Bundle Will Surely Sell Many Wii U’s In Australia

Mii-gamer writes:

I walked into my local EB games to purchase Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut for the Nintendo Wii U, and I saw this advert for a fantastic Wii U bundle… It’s pretty much a steal by Australian standards. The bundle includes a basic Wii U console, Skylanders Swap Force starter pack and the highly anticipated Maio Kart 8. Best of all, you can grab this for only for $279. (Australian dollars, of course)

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3-4-53178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

Best Bundle I've seen yet.

* Wii U + Skylanders + Mario Kart 8, and I'm guessing + Free game as well. Australia is included in that or no ?

GREAT bundle @ $279

Locknuts3178d ago

Considering a Deluxe Wii U is $429 at EB here, it's an absolute steal!

DryBoneKoopa853178d ago

@Mii-Gamer: Do you know if Austraia gets a free game with the registration of Mario Kart 8 on Club Nintendo? If so technically your getting three free games with the purchase of a Wii U. You should throw that into your article to sweeten the deal to readers.

fatneal3178d ago

all mario kart 8 purchases qualify for the free game...the retailer has nothing to do with that deal...if its new and redeemed before june 30th it works

AKR3178d ago

Very, very nice. To all the "smart" gamers who've been holding out for the U, because it's "too expensive" - honestly, at this point - there really isn't an excuse. There are WAY to many bundles; from both Nintendo AND individual retailers, for ANYONE to complain about the system's price.

Considering that ALL bundles come with a free game - both Basic AND Deluxe - that's just amazing.

XiSasukeUchiha3178d ago

This a amazing deal, hurry and grab your Wii Us before its too late:)

Rute3178d ago

Ridiculously cheap. 279 AUD = 257 USD = €190.

MRMagoo1233178d ago

its even cheaper really , you cant go by exchange rates, in Australia we pay a lot more than we should, most games at EB are $99, in the US they are $60, so when you convert it like that its basically about $190 US or something.

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