Watch Dogs Head To Head Comparison: Xbox One Has Vibrant Colors, PS4 Has Better AA

"Around two weeks back, Ubisoft confirmed that Watch Dogs will run at 900p resolution on the PS4, and 792p on the Xbox One. Both the versions run at 30fps."

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TIER1xWOLFPACKx3174d ago

Ps4 version also has better ambient occlusion, it's either not implemented on x1 or its not implemented very well

nicksetzer13174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Conidering the coat and mailbox has better/equal occlusion on xb1 (most likely just dif time of day in game) you must not know what ambient occlusion is. The shadowing on the coat on xb1 looks pretty much accurate. That said both look almost exactly the same,each have VERY minimal differences. Pretty sure the reason you are seeing differences is because you want to.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

I know exactly what ambient occlusion is, you must not of seen other comparison video's where it's noticeable that on x1 ambient occlusion is either missing or is implemented at a lower setting. I'm not seeing differences because I want to!!

nicksetzer13174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

So ambient occlusion suddenly just appeared in these XB1 GIF's... there's a reason you "couldn't see it" in prior videis/comparisons, it's called compression, not to mention recording methods differ in output, so you din't always get a 100% accurate recording. Regardless what BS you decide to claim the GIF's in this article not only has ambient occlusion but actually does it as well or better than the ps4 version. Also, again I will point out, most likely due to time of day or the fact they are compressed gif's.

Again, the fact you can't even see the AO in the XB1 GIF, I am positive you can't tell the extremely minimal difference. Seeing AO in a game is difficult, but seeing such small differences is 20x more difficult.

marlinfan103174d ago


"you must not have seen the other video"

lol that statement alone shows how similar the versions are. the fact that you can't use any video to show the differences kind of kills your point doesn't it? you're obviously looking for the ps4 version to be better since your siting one specific video to prove it

hello123174d ago

The xb1 does have ambient occlusion its just not overdone. Maybe it just more noticeable on the PS4, mutiplats tend to be more darker.

All in all, both games are the same, with slight differences.

I think the xb1 mutiplats are improving visually from launch. I put it down to the new SDK's the devs got in March from Microsoft.

TheGreatAndPowerful3174d ago

PS4 has better AA, lighting, shadows, textures and now color representation. Xbone colors are over saturated.

tuglu_pati3174d ago

Oh look that tree on the right, it has three more leafs than the XBO version...

abstractel3174d ago

Colors has _nothing_ to do with console hardware. I don't get why this argument persists. Only thing you could possibly refer to is the quality of the HDR but it would make zero sense for the XB1 to have a higher quality HDR implementation.

TI_213174d ago

@nicksetzer1 Actually he seems to be right. Take a look at the letter box in the first few seconds of the GIFs.
It's missing AO on the Xone while the PS4 and PS3 versions have it. The 360 version wasn't done well so we can't compare it here.

Dee_913174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

if i have to look at a video or picture for about 5 minutes to notice a difference... theres no difference. At least nothing to complain about..
You people making the most minuscule thing seem like its game breaking.. just to make your preferred console or platform superior.. like @sardaukarghola66 said ,GROW UP!

GameNameFame3174d ago

LOL colors.

Do you mean just TV contrast settings would fix?

LordDhampire3174d ago

You guys need to stop, the PS4 clearly looks better, instead of watching a GIF, go watch the comparison videos in 1080p and you will clearly see the ambient occlusion MIA on the xbox one, also thats a different coat on the ps4, a exclusive coat.

Mr Pumblechook3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

The headline of this article is so disappointing. I don't get why some writers on websites think that being unbiased means praising two formats equally - even if the praise is unjustified.

From the early leaked copies the praise for the graphics including the colours of one format has been universal. So I don't see any journalistic integrity in incorrectly praising another format's graphics just to appease the format owners. This shouldn't be Fox News aiming to keep the viewers happy. We just want honesty.

@tuglu_pati "Oh look that tree on the right, it has three more leafs than the XBO version..." LOL! I know you are having a joke about people being obsessed with the version of a multi-format game that is slightly better, but if you are a multi-console then you are going to want the best version of the game. If you own both consoles then darn it you want the version with three more leafs!

DragonKnight3174d ago

All of you arguing over ambient occlusion, aa, etc.. sound worse than a fashionista.

I can take literally everything you've said and make you sound like you're critiquing a dress or a hat, or even the thread count on bed linen.

Do you enjoy sounding like that?

AliTheSnake13174d ago

Colors is a TV thing. Just adjust the setting to your likings.

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Aussiebeachbabe3174d ago

Hey sarda it should be everybody got your magnifying glasses ready because your sure going to need Not much difference at all.

sardaukarghola663174d ago


Why would I need magnifying glasses when I don't care about this stupid ass resolution crap

3-4-53174d ago

Lighting is more realistic on PS4. The shadows look more "true" on PS4 version.

XB1 is lighter, but almost the same.

MaxKruger3174d ago

Do we not have better things to do than bicker about such minor details? I get gaming is a hobby (as it is for me) but this is just obsessive and really grasping at straws to create "discussion" (pro tip: there is nothing worthwhile being discussed).

k3rn3ll3174d ago

Yea and when the game gets released we will see even more of these ridiculous arguments. I'd like to see a conversation about if the game is any good rather than listen to you all to on about who has the bigger phallus

Aussiebeachbabe3174d ago

Max maybe ps4 fanboys might be using a

RAWSTA3174d ago

Yes because all of you work in this proffesion that makes you guys experts. You don't say!

Spotie3174d ago

... OR we could be heavy consumers of products generated by this profession, and thus have become well-versed on the subject.

You don't have to build cars to know how they work; if you like them enough, you'll study up on your own. It's really not a difficult concept.

FayZ_3174d ago

yeah i noticed ps4 looks better... i usually play using a microscope.

k3rn3ll3174d ago

Lol. I do the same but with both my ps4 and xbone running the same game at the same time on side by side 4k tvs. Plus I have 8 doctorates in armchair development and eagle vision. Omg his coat doesn't look the same on xbox? Absolute garbage. Game is therefore broken. Going to start a class action law suit and mmediately

XiSasukeUchiha3173d ago


Sigh fanboys grow up both game look amazing, with tiny difference
to Xbots PS4 is more powerful than 1 so the quality on it will certainly look better, so just grow up and accept your console for what it is!

TheXgamerLive3173d ago

Uhh the ps4 also has the ps4 also has the ps4 also has....seriously sony fanboys The Xbox One version always looks better and sony has better what...give its a rest ladies bc it is what is is.

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sam_job3174d ago

either way.. both Xbox One and Playstation 4 looks good... minimal differences only...

tgunzz3174d ago

Just get me a complete review already.... I so want this game to be great!

k3rn3ll3174d ago

You didnt know 108p difference is gamebreaking? Man you must not have gone to game dev school like all these other specialists on this sight

Dynasty20213174d ago

There is hardly any difference for sure.

This is just a pretty poor engine design. Look at the PC. Obviously it looks best on PC, but the differences between low and high can KIND of be listed on one hand.

Lighting and shadows seem to be the biggest change.

PC has more AA settings like 2xMSAA that reduces jaggies during movement etc.

Also the PC version has larger draw distances and a better FPS, twice that of consoles.

People need to stop using bad engines like this to see how close the consoles are to PC, when there's almost nothing between the settings.

If the consoles were so close, how come they only run Watch Dogs on high, at 900p, at 30 FPS?

No_Limit3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Minor differences. Enjoy the game whichever platform you are getting.

BTW, the Xbox one version is 792p confirmed by UBIsoft and not 729p on the description posted here.

ProjectVulcan3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

PS4 probably just edges the settings and sports 30 percent more resolution than Xbox One. Not loads in it but the resolution difference is pretty much as you would expect.

More importantly, we are yet to see the comparable framerate stability of the console versions/screen tearing in an analysis.

FYI 1920 x 1080 is 45 percent more resolution than 1600 x 900.

No_Limit3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

I am no tech expert and I have no idea how all that math adds up but I do know that Ryse looks great at 900p, infamous looks great at 1080, Mario Kart 8 looks great even at 720p, and I have played both versions on Assassin's Creed 4 on PS4 and Xbox one and they look very close.

At the end of the day, it is only a big deal to fanboys that is dedicated to a single brand, most neutral gamers just go on with their lives and enjoy the games on whichever platform they have.

falviousuk3174d ago

Why is that the peope that talk sense on here have very few posting rights (bubbles) but those fanboys (usually SONY) have tons of posting rights (bubbles)

ProjectVulcan3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Falviousuk if you have a problem with my maths in my first post or anything else then feel free to point out the mistakes clearly and concisely.

If you can.

Otherwise why reply to my particular post with nothing but arguable commentary of the site and little or nothing to do with what I said on this topic here.

This may be behind the mystery why you have so few bubbles.

You don't get more bubbles for only pointing out other people have more bubbles.

Also FYI: I have less vested interest in the differences than most, because I am primarily a PC gamer. Who can do basic maths.

Illusive_Man3174d ago

It's actually 22.6% check you math.

ProjectVulcan3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Wrong Illusive man. I said 'percent more'

Xbox one: 1408 x 792 = 1115136

1115136 / 100 x 30 = 334540.8

1115136 + 334540.8 = 1449676.8

PS4: 1600 x 900 = 1440000

Ergo 1600 x 900 is approx 30 percent more than 1408 x 792. Ever so slightly under that.

You can reverse the calculation or get it more accurate to inside 29 percent but....there you go.

You are of course confusing 'percentage more' with 'percentage less' which are two different values for a numerically identical gap....

I.e the difference between the numbers 100 and 50.

100 is 100 percent more than 50, but 50 is also 50 percent less than 100.

Percentages people, percentages. Basic stuff here.

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MarcGorgees3174d ago

like always M$ running from details by adding saturated colors with zero details

brainfart3174d ago

You mean all this time I thought ubisoft developed this game when in reality it was m$(SARCASM)

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