Worst rated PS4 game being rebuilt from Scratch

Basement Crawl is to be rebuilt from scratch. Bloober Team have confirmed that the game with the lowest score on Metacritic is being remade and will be free to all who bought the original.

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AgentSmithPS42264d ago

I lol'd. Now it's ea's turn ;).

Apparently there's more excitement in the comments on this page than there was in the game. Better late than never, for whatever reason they're fixing their crap.

izumo_lee2264d ago

The idea for the game was interesting, being a Bomberman kind of game but the execution of it was severely lacking. Felt kinda rushed the first release. Bloober should've asked for more time. It looks like this time they will get that time to polish.

stavrami-mk22264d ago

Bloober are an absolute disgrace along with Sony when it came to selling this. I bought it day 1 complained to Sony 2 weeks later.Sony passed me off denied any knowledge of any complaints about the game (even though the Internet was plagued with them) then asked me to contact Bloober to get them to email admitting responsiblity then they would refund. To which point Bloober didn't even reply to me never mind admit responsibility. Tbh I serious hope this company spend all there money on remake and the game flops again and they go bankrupt. Blooper you are a disgrace

Hk85karlsson2264d ago

Jesus, did u pay 1 million dollar for the game?
You bought 1 bad game, take it down a notch. Or 20.
Hoping for bankruptcy because you lost 10$ just show what a person you are, sir.

stavrami-mk22264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

lol think about the bigger picture ,its fools like you that let companies rip us off, £8 a go over say 10,000 ppl equals money they don't deserve ,then when sony deny knowledge of course i get the ass with it .its not about the money its principle i spent double what the game was worth phoning sony on a mobile . but i was not happy with bloober having my cash then when sony denied having complaints about it that sent me over the edge considering when you google it you can see how many complaints they have had , showing your bend over take it up the ass attitude either means you got to much cash or your happy to buy shit products either way your a fool

Gemmol2264d ago

the guy is right you and others like you are whats wrong with gaming, it has nothing to do with cost, if we all though like you companies would be in love with how much they can make off us.......I bet the only reason you not upset because its a game for Sony console, you almost as bad as the ubisoft employees who come on this website sticking up for Watch Dogs when we all know that even the PC pictures and videos we seen recently are nothing like the e3 2012......when you bring up the downgrade people next excuse is that graphics or resolution and etc is not everything, where was all these words about downgraded graphics being okay when it came to Nintendo.......

Gemmol2264d ago

@stavrami-mk2 I agree with your post 100 percent man forget those people with their disagrees, they like to get ripped off

Hk85karlsson2263d ago

All of you who are butthurt:

First of all, english is my 2nd language (almost 3rd), and second, can you please check your posts as of right now they´re almost unreadable.

Chop it up a bit.

Downgrade whining was last week. Keep yourselves updated. I don´t condone ripping off people.
On the other hand, I most certainly do not condone stupidity and internet rage whining either.

KinjoTakemura2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )


How much was the game again? 9 bucks? You did all of that for 9 bucks? Here's how you voice your discontent with video games and the companies who make them; Don't buy they're next games

stavrami2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

if a product is £1 or a £500 pound makes no difference if ppl like me didn't complain your $8 bucks will turn into $100,000 to them .if you sell a product you should have faith in it. how much value should a product have before it worthy of complaint . here is a scenario 10 indie games go on store this week you buy the lot ,everyone of them is broken do you go oh there only £8 each (although u spent 80 on them all ) lets not worry about it , or do you complain only to get told no one talks responsibility , everyone moaned over gta online going on about it being broken yet this game was completely unplayable , considering you not worried about 9 bucks ill give you my paypal account you can pay me you may as well its only $9 after all

KinjoTakemura2264d ago

Why would anyone try to rebuild a bucket of warm poo? Just learn from your mistakes and develop a better game.

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