80's Sci-Fi Is Back With The Deadrock Divide

In their upcoming title, Deadrock Divide, the team at Bootsnake Games is attempting to follow up their award-winning title: Containment: The Zombie Puzzler, with an ambitious, turn-based, tactical combat, sandbox RPG. Think XCOM meets Privateer with a lot of Star Wars references and self-deprecating humor thrown in. Yeah, it’s all that...

It must be said in warning, any fan 80’s sci-fi will more than likely be afflicted with flashbacks and a perfect excuse to break out those old VHS movies that have been tucked away in storage all these years.

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xseven2550d ago

Love that video intro... look at all them blinking console buttons! haha

kefkah2550d ago

80's Sci-Fi? XCOM? RPG? Only thing that seems to be missing is Darryl Hannah doing back flips while dressed as a toy. Work her in there somehow and you have yourself a lifelong fan. :D

xseven2550d ago

If my character could have giant teased bangs and feathered hair, this game would complete me.

staticjoe2550d ago

Millennium Falcon playset? What an awesome reference and influence! I'm in like Flynn.

xseven2550d ago

+1 for obligatory Tron reference.

dstaltman2550d ago

Game hits all the right buttons

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The story is too old to be commented.