Top 100 Games Of A Generation: #20-1

IGN lists their top 20 games of the past generation.

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jcnba282684d ago

Well deserved, Super Mario Galaxy was a masterpiece.

higgins782683d ago

Agreed. Not read the list myself - as of yet - but I hope to see Skyward Sword scoring a place in the top 10 at least. Easily (for me) worth the creation of the Wii and Motion Plus alone, a true innovation and another epic quest in the Zelda canon.

Ezio20482683d ago

expected top 5 to be(in no particular order):-

gta V
red dead redemption
uncharted 2

disappointed by the list

Perjoss2683d ago

solid list!

personally I would have swapped Mario Galaxy with Read Dead but you cant please everyone :)

renerak2683d ago

Ign, whats its fullform? International gaming network, internet gaming network, irritating gaming network, international gaming nerd, i go no.

LightDiego2683d ago

Portal 2 in second place is a big joke, so that game is better than Bioshock, Dark Souls, Red Dead Redemption, GTA, Fallout, Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us? Yeah right...
The game is not bad, but waay overrated and too simple.
Talking about simplicity, looks like IOS is the future of gaming, let's prepare ourserlves, great productions doesn't matter anymore.