Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition | PSForever Review

"Despite Dynasty Warriors being a constant presence on Playstation for well over a decade now, it wasn't until this latest release that I had my first experience of the series. Thankfully, despite the number on the title, this isn't the type of game that needs knowledge of any of the installments that came before it. Dynasty Warriors is based on the literary classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms; a novelised account of the Three Kingdoms period that saw China in turmoil for 60 years due to the conflict between the kingdoms of Wei, Wu and Shu. This would be simple enough to follow if it weren't for the fact that Dynasty Warriors 8 features a cast of characters that approaches three digits. Years fly by off-screen between missions in the Story Mode; factions change alliances in the middle of battles; each stage almost always features two dozen or more characters; and there are two characters: one called Xu Shu and one called Xu Zhu who are completely different people. If you're the type of person who needs to keep track of what is going on with every character in a story in every scene, good luck trying it here. Nonetheless, the campaign does a good job getting across the stand-out moments to you; especially when it's the death of a character you hadn't thought much of previously, but soon get attached to through the awesomeness of their ambitions and power. Awesome power truly is the essence of this game. There are over 90 playable characters here; they are all worthy of the 'Xtreme Legends' title, both in what they can do, and in how they play."

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